This is What I Got for Christmas… How About You?

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I hope you all had a really great Christmas

My sister and her family came from Canada to celebrate Christmas with us.  It’s a been a while since we’ve spent Christmas with little children and the excitement as the kids unwrapped their gifts was a lot of fun to watch.

I raked in TONS of caffeine in the form of K-Cups and Tassimo discs for my single serving brewers.

I also got a beautiful Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ RFID blocking credit card holder from my husband to keep all my cards’ info safe from unscrupulous folks.

And I got this…

which wasn’t actually a Christmas gift, although FedEx did deliver it Christmas Eve.  I won this over on Shop With Me Mama‘s blog, earlier this month.

I have been wanting a new phone since we moved to Texas.  My iPhone 4S is locked to Virgin Mobile and I can’t switch carriers with it.  Since the rest of my family is all on the Walmart Family Mobile plan I wanted to go over to that as well, but couldn’t with my phone.  However I couldn’t justify buying a new phone since my iPhone works just fine…so this win was a boon for me!  New phone – change carriers – didn’t have to buy it myself .  (So yes close friends that read my blog, you will get a text from me with yet another new number because I’m not porting in my old one .  Consider this your warning.)

When everyone was finished unwrapping their gifts, I charged this baby up and hooked it up to our WiFi to check it out.  I headed to the Google Play Store and one of the first things I did was download the free Hotspot Shield VPN app.

Because I just don’t want to keep the credit cards in my purse safe from unscrupulous people, but my mobile data as well.

This is how everyone should protect their mobile data – Private, Secure, Uncensored.  FREE.

And since you all are my friends…

I’m sharing Hotspot Shield with you .  I know that at least some of you bought or received a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for Christmas.  Do yourself a favor and protect it with Hotspot Shield.  It’s available for iOS, Android, and Windows, so no excuses! Hotspot Shield is the most trusted VPN service with more than 150 million downloads.  You or someone else, gifted that device to enjoy – so enjoy it with complete WiFi security and protect your bank info, passwords & downloads from snoopers.

You can learn more about Hotspot Shield on their website, connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

I wanna know what you all got for Christmas!  Did you get a mobile device (and if you did, go download Hotspot Shield )?  Coffee and more coffee like me?  Books, clothes, a camera?  What, what did you get?!!! Let me know in the comments.

I am compensated by Hotspot Shield to share my experiences with it, but I really did download Hotspot Shield on my new HTC One, right after I downloaded Candy Crush (not that I have an addiction to that game or anything), so these opinions they are entirely my own.

34 thoughts on “This is What I Got for Christmas… How About You?

  1. I got an iPad Air! some great kindle accessories, some makeup I wanted and some cardigans! It was a wonderful Christmas because most of all I had healthy and happy children. With autism in our home we haven't always had good holidays so with autism recovery it has been wonderful.

  2. I didn't get anything that tweets or can run the space shuttle but I got chocolate. I win.

  3. About 1500 miles from Family but did get texts and phone calls which made it a super fine day.

  4. I got a new phone right before Christmas but I don't have a data plan so I can't download stuff and connect to the internet.

  5. Love the new phone! My husband had the same one until he shattered the screen a few weeks ago {his fault, not the phone's}. Good call on Hotspot Shield!

  6. I'm so jeally of your Christmas gifts!! I totally want that coffee and card case. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing about HotSpot too. Heading over to check it out now.

  7. You got some awesome gifts. We agreed that this year we weren't going to exchange gifts, but my husband got me a pair of TOMS since I was in desperate need of shoes.

  8. Very cool gadget! I got a spa treatment and a car… Although the car was a necessity and just happened to get it during the holidays 😉

  9. I have been wanting to get protection for my cell phone service. Thanks for sharing this info about the Hotspot Shield VPN app.

  10. I got clothes and gift cards, and… I also got coffee. In fact, I got 17 boxes of K-cups in various brands, flavors, etc. 🙂

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