The Way We Move

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It’s been nearly three months since we’ve moved, and our new house is finally starting to feel like home.  I officially unpacked the last two boxes a couple of days ago.  It kind of makes me go hmmm…that even with how much stuff we gave away and tossed before we moved that we still have so much. 

In any case, I’m glad it’s over with and this time we broke down and recycled the boxes, because it’s going to be a good long while before we think about moving again.  I’m hoping we can stay in this place for at least 10+ years, that will be the longest we’ve lived in any home.

And that hassle of packing and loading (we had to research on how to pack china because we had never done it before!), and unloading and unpacking….15% of the US population does it every year!

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This is the third time we’ve moved since we got married 19 1/2 years ago, and our fourth home.  How many times have you moved?

13 thoughts on “The Way We Move

  1. We just moved a couple years ago. We still live in the same town, just a different house. It is a big job and such a relief when everything is unpacked and put away!

  2. In twenty years we've moved three times and that was 2 times too many! lol I'm happy where we are don't get me wrong but the moving part stinks!

  3. We have had three homes plus one apartment in our 25 years of marriage. I actually like to move, or perhaps it is that I like to purge all of the "stuff" we have accumulated and don't really need.

  4. I have moved over a dozen times. Most of them as a kid so I didn't have much packing to do. No plans for moving in the future. We have too many tools to move!

  5. Oh boy! I am getting ready to move in 30 days! Mixed somewhere in there my boy is turning 3 and my daughter is turning 1. I am like you, I want to stay in the next place for awhile. This will be our 3rd time in 5 years!

  6. When I was growing up, we NEVER moved! I moved out after high school (1), then when I got married (2), and we've moved twice since we've been married – so I've moved four times in my adult life. I expect we will move (at least) one more time since we are renting the house we are in now. But, I do HATE to move!

  7. Too many to count. Most of them were before I was 21 (9 times before I was 16). Since being with my husband (which was in 1991), 4 times. I would say over 20 times. :/

  8. I moved three times in my entire life 🙂 Once to a lovelier neighborhood with my parents, once out on my own, and now into my new home.

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