Review/Giveaway: Keeping the Family Balanced with Lifeway Kefir

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We’re all constantly on the look out for how to provide the best nutrients for our families, and sometimes the latest food trends can be confusing.

Lifeway recently gave my family the opportunity to try an ancient, natural superfood that is beneficial for the whole family – from baby to grandparents.

Lifeway is the country’s leading maker of kefir; a cultured dairy product that’s gluten-free, 99% lactose free, and is packed with probiotics that promote immunity health. Kefir is a great addition to any family’s diet because:

  • Kefir is a good alternative to yogurt and their products have either 10 or 12 active probiotic cultures – far more than yogurt.
  • Kefir is gluten-free and 99% lactose free, so it’s easy on kids’ tummies.
  • Kefir has a unique tangy taste that introduces a new flavor palette to kids and help them avoid becoming finicky eaters.
  • Lifeway products also come in a variety of delicious flavors and forms, like drinkable kefir, frozen kefir and kid-friendly pouches.
  • Their ProBugs line is great for kids because it packs on the protein and calcium in easy on-the-go bottles, great for snack time, school lunches or after practice.

So I headed to our local Sprouts store to see what varieties of Lifeway products they had in stock and I ended up getting some Lowfat Mango Kefir and the frozen ProBugs™ in the Goo-Berry Pie flavor.

We really enjoyed the Lowfat Mango Kefir.

One cup has 140 calories but very little fat (just 2 grams) and packs a punch of calcium with 30% of your daily recommended amount.  Perfect for this gal who does not like to drink milk.  It tastes very similar to a fruit smoothie but isn’t very sweet.

Since it’s 99% lactose free it’s great for those who have difficulties digesting dairy, like our daughter.  I would definitely recommend the Lifeway Kefir for those looking for a potent drinkable probiotic.

The frozen ProBugs™ is a genius product for any parent that wants to get their kids to take probiotics.

They’re a tasty yogurt like frozen push pop.  These do have some milk product in them, but like the Kefir they are 99% lactose free.  Just imagine your kids thinking they’re eating an ice cream treat when in actuality they are eating something quite healthy.

Again this is something I would recommend as not just a way to get probiotics into your kids, but as a healthy snack as well.

If you are looking to try one of the many Lifeway products visit their store locator to find out where in your area you can buy it.

One reader will win a Free product coupon so they can try a Lifeway Kefir product for themselves.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE : This Sweepstakes is open only to residents of the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. No PO Boxes. By entering the giveaway you agree to the rules here and agree to have your name or likeness announced as a winner.VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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  1. Raspberry Kefir! Oh yes, that sounds good. And the BioKefir sounds very interesting…

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