The Sheets Are Too Short!

We were so fortunate to get a room makeover for Amber a couple of years ago.  That was about half a year after we had purchased her queen size bed.

At the time we did buy her bed we also had to buy bedding for it because she had one of those twin sized platform beds before that, and obviously those sheets wouldn’t fit on her bed!

We had been traveling to Minneapolis soon after we procured it, so we went to the big Swedish box store and bought a duvet cover and some sheets that she picked out.  Only to find out that the duvet cover was made for a platform bed, meaning it was too short!

The mattress we bought for her was a really high one and the sheets were made for mattresses for queen size platform beds.  It was like they pulled the sheet right over my eyes!  There was no real elastic around the corner edges to hug the mattress.

Good thing my sister was going back to Minneapolis soon afterward and could return them for me and get a gift card.  I ended up buying some kitchen knives and bag clips with the gift card instead, things that ended up being much more useful for me!

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