Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

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We have FINALLY entered into weather that you could maybe call ‘summer’.  I know it’s officially summer when we go for a walk outside and I come home with blisters on the back of my heels.  That happened last week, so summer it officially is!

I have mentioned a few times  on my blog that ice cream is one of my favorite foods, right?!  Along with popcorn and pancakes it’s something I just can’t get enough of.  My family well they love their cookies.

Chips Ahoy! has a limited look to it right now featuring Red, White and Blue Chips in their Chocolate Chip Cookies – called “American Summer” and I think Nabisco made them just for us.  For you know this past November my family became American citizens so this is ‘officially’ our first “American Summer”.   But I suppose we could share these with friends for Memorial Day and 4th of July as well!

On the package is a recipe for Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Man really you’d think they read my blog! Cookies for my clan, Ice Cream for me, “American Summer” for us all…it’s perfect!

They are SO easy to make – ¼ cup of ice cream softened and two Chips Ahoy! Cookies.  Spread the ice cream on the backside of one cookie,  top it with the backside of the other cookie – even it out a bit, and roll it in candy sprinkles.

These are the perfect size for a snack, or tiny hands to munch on.

I used vanilla ice cream for mine, but if you want the ultimate chocolate chip cookie experience use the new Breyer’s Blasts! Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream.

The Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Sandwiches were a hit! And we’re looking for plenty of reasons to eat some more during our “American Summer”.

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