The Challenges and Joys of a Parent/Teacher Lifestyle

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Teachers are well known for their dedication and the many extra hours of work they put into helping children to succeed. Parents also gain recognition for the many sacrifices that they make towards caring for their child’s physical, emotional and academic needs. So what happens when teachers become parents or vice versa?

Many people may wonder how it is possible for one person to dedicate their lives to so many. Others may express concern about how it is possible for a teacher to focus on the classroom when they have children on their own. However, as countless teachers and parents have proven, the dual roles of teaching and parenting have both advantages and challenges that are unique to these chosen professions.

Starting School Together

One advantage that parents who are also teachers sometimes discover is that they may be able to teach at the same school that their child attends. This can make it easier to arrange for drop-offs and pick-ups each day. However, it can be difficult for both parents and children to be in such close contact all the time.

Many children may be embarrassed to have their parent working in a place where they see their friends every day. And some parents may find it difficult to accept criticism from their child’s teacher who is also their co-worker.

Although it can be challenging when parents and children both work in the same school system, the benefits of being nearby are substantial. Parents and children should work together to discuss their expectations and respect each other’s private space as much as possible.

Knowledge is Power

Parents who are also teachers are often privy to the latest news in education. This can help them to identify any potential academic or developmental issues before they become too severe. Teaching in a child’s school district means that a parent will know of upcoming major tests and curriculum requirements that can help them to stay on top of a child’s school requirements. Additionally, elementary teachers looking for adaptive learning resources can also explore the idea that they may be beneficial for their child as well.

Timing is Everything

Staying on top of everything when teaching and parenting can be a challenge. Therefore, it is important for any teacher who is also a parent to practice effective time management skills. Using family organizers and calendars can help everyone to keep track of important school and extracurricular events. Teachers should also be sure to make time to visit their child’s school or classroom so that they stay involved as a parent.

The dual roles of parenting and teaching enable a person to enjoy being near their child and aware of their educational needs. When teachers who are parents take steps to insure that their dual roles do not create a conflict, they are able to enjoy the joys that come with being actively involved in both the classroom and their child’s life.

2 thoughts on “The Challenges and Joys of a Parent/Teacher Lifestyle

  1. My son's teacher had her twin daughters in her class last year. I always wondered if it would be hard for all of them. Trying to separate Mrs. Teacher from mom would be hard for a kid I think.

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