‘The Big Book of Symptoms’ Book Review & Giveaway

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Last week I received a media copy of The Big Book of Symptoms: A-Z Guide to Your Child’s Health, in the mail.  Where was this book 18 years ago?! I asked myself as I paged through it.

It’s a fantastic resource for every parent to have on hand.  Whether you’re wondering if you should take your child to the pediatrician for a cough or if you don’t know how to soothe an earache for your child, this book is full of advice of what you can do for your children if they are exhibiting physical symptoms and provides good indicators on when you can relax about the issue, when to make an appointment with your pediatrician or when to vist the ER or call 911.

We’ve gone from birth to 18 years with our daughter, and I can honestly say, this would have been one of the best baby shower gifts I could have ever received (remember that folks!).  Sure I had a great support network when Amber was an infant and toddler.  I had my mom, my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and friends to ask questions when I was unsure.  But a book like this by The American Academy of Pediatrics, that I could have just reached to the shelf for, would have been handy.

Between fevers and rashes, colic and sleepless nights, insect bites and acne, The Big Book of Symptoms has you covered.

The A-Z is more than just the ailments, it’s the way the book is designed too.  Laid out alphabetically and first by infant/toddler ailments, and then a section for older children/teens.  More than 100 childhood symptoms are included in the book.  Also included is an illustrated first aid manual, a cardiopulmonary resuscitations (CPR) chart, and age-specific safety and injury prevention tips.

Because medical information is constantly changing, every effort was made to ensure that this book contains the most up-to-date findings.  You may wish to visit the official AAP website for parents, HealthyChildren.org, to keep current on these and other subjects.

The Big Book of Symptoms was edited by two esteemed members of AAP; Steven P. Shelov, MD, FAAP (professor of pediatrics at Stony Brook Medicine and associate dean of undergraduate medical education at the Winthrop University Hospital Regional Campus of Stony Brook), and Shelly V. Flais, MD, FAAP (board-certified practicing pediatrician and mother of 4 children, instructor of clinical pediatrics with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago).

The Big Book of Symptoms: A-Z Guide to Your Child’s Health is a part of ongoing AAP educational efforts to provide parents and other caregivers with high quality information on a broad spectrum of children’s health issues.

You can find The Big Book of Symptoms on Amazon.com.

One reader will win a copy of The Big Book of Symptoms for their own bookshelf.

4 thoughts on “‘The Big Book of Symptoms’ Book Review & Giveaway

  1. I had a book like this 18years ago and read it cover to cover. This would be a great baby gift.

  2. Growing up my mom had a similar book, and we referenced it for everything! It's great to have a resource you know you can trust. Being a parent brings so many questions & worries.

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