Finders Key Purse – An Easy Find, Every Time!

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I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but my purse resembles a bottomless pit of chaos.  You’ll often find me pawing my way through it because I can’t find something I need.  My change purse, my phone, but usually and most importantly…my keys.  

Finders Key Purse is an innovative, beautifully designed solution to that problem though, and is a stylish accessory as well.  I received a media sample to try out and I’m telling you that this product will serve you well whether you’re just in the grocery store for a quick trip to get milk or a long trek, traveling for thousands of miles.

The Finders Key Purse I opted for is the Wine on the Vine style.  It’s built with quality materials to withstand the daily beatings a woman’s purse takes!  The ‘charm-side’ happens to match my purple quilted crossbody very nicely 🙂  But I’ve used it on other handbags and it looks good on them all.  There are a variety of designs that encompass hobbies, tastes and fashion, there is sure to be one that resonates with you. 

Your keys hook on securely, and are easily attached and taken off for when you need to use them.  But the best part is, it slips on so unobtrusively to the side of your purse, but makes your keys SO easy to find.  It’s ideal for large or deep handbags, you know the kind where things tend to go missing after you put them in 😉

Finders Key Purse can be found at, and since they start at just $5.95, they make perfect package toppers, stocking stuffers, thank you tokens or secret swap gifts.

Do you need a Finders Key Purse to keep track of your keys in your handbag?

14 thoughts on “Finders Key Purse – An Easy Find, Every Time!

  1. What a cute but handy thing to have. I have my keys on a long keychain but I still lose them all the time. This would be great!

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