The Aspects of My Life That Are Better Than Ever!

As moms, we are all constantly evolving. As our children grow up, our lifestyles go through many changes. Has your social scene gone from fraternity parties to dinner parties with a close-knit group of friends or neighbors? Has your living space or work situation gone through a transformation for the better? Has your style gone from drab to fab over the years?

The one thing in my life that is better than ever, is that almost 8 years ago I shed 30 lbs with Weight Watchers, and have kept it off!  On a 4’9″ body frame, you can imagine how 30 extra pounds, was a big deal.  I had the gumption and the perseverance to stick it out and it took me 6 months of learning how to eat right and get on an exercise plan, but it was totally worth it!

A few other things that are better than ever now than before are:

  • I no longer have a house.  4 years ago we sold our house and moved into a condominium unit.  That was a huge plus for us, no lawn to mow, no shoveling, no exterior maintenance!
  • The places we can travel.  Since Amber is 14, our choices of where to travel are expanding, we can go away for longer periods of time, and jet set to the far reaches of the globe, like the Transatlantic Cruise we took earlier this year.
  •  Our choice of homeschooling.  We are still wondering why it took us so long to choose this option.  This has changed my life so much, as well as Amber’s.  It is so much better to school on our schedule with the curriculum we choose!

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