‘The Glades’ Starring Matt Passmore: Premiering July 11th on A&E

The Glades‘ starring fantastic Matt Passmore (McLeod’s Daughters) is premiering July 11th on A&E (10 pm est), so make a date with your t.v. (or dvr) for this new show.

Matt Passmore plays Jim Longworth in this crime drama, an intelligent police detective who some how manages to rub his co-workers the wrong way at every step.  Not so different from how he got to the sleepy town of Palm Glade, formerly from Chicago and forced into exile, Longworth was shot by his captain when wrongfully accused of sleeping with his wife.

It’s not surprising that Longworth is not loved by his fellow colleagues, I mean the guy takes his golf game very seriously, and then uses his clubs to look for evidence at the crime scene.  And he’s right…all the time. The audience can’t help but love this charming character though, and after a sneak peek of the pilot episode, I will definitely be back for future ones.

Filled with the intrigue that a crime drama should, it’s also a fun show with plenty of laughable moments.  The show also stars Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gomez, Michelle Hurd, Uriah Shelton and Jordan Wall.

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Also a couple of weeks ago I posted about The Glades Sweepstakes (where I also have another trailer up for the show), winning will get you a trip for two to Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida – home of the Everglades, a walk on role in one of the episodes and chance to meet the cast and crew and more.  You can enter the contest here: http://www.aetv.com/the-glades/casting-sweepstakes.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Enter New Media on behalf of A&E and received a copy of the pilot episode and promotional tools to facilitate my post”.

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