Switched-On Schoolhouse: Grade Reports

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I write the Switched-On Schoolhouse Series twice a month to share our family’s experience using this software based curriculum in our home.

We’re finished our homeschool year, and are taking a few weeks break before we start up again.  I still have some “cleaning” up to do, since Amber is in High School and I have to keep a good record of her grades for her transcript. 

Switched-On Schoolhouse actually makes this pretty easy for a parent.  There are a number of ways that you can print out a report card, subject report and/or grade report to track the progress of you student.

From the Teacher Dashboard you can see the options that you can choose from.  I’ll show you how a grade report is rendered.

 So I wanted a grade report for the second semester of American Literature.  I chose Grade Report from the menu, and then you can see that I chose the term, the student (Hyper is the username Amber chose when we set up the software), and the dates that I wanted the grades to reflect.  You can also choose to see the grades for the subject as a whole, or the subject and units, or the subject, units and individual assignments.  As well you can see it just as A,B,Cs, percentages out of 100 or both.  I chose the subject and units, and both the grades and percentages.

If you’d like to preview how it will look, you choose the preview button, or you can just print it out, or if you want to change some of your selections you can close the frame and start again.  This is how a generated report looks with the options I chose.

For parents that need to keep a grade portfolio, or just like to have one on hand, Switched-On Schoolhouse makes it fast and simple to get a number of reports compiled and printed to file away!

For more information visit AOPHomeschooling.com.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the products mentioned above for free for review purposes from Alpha and Omega Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review and this product may not have the same results for all people, please do additional research of your own when purchasing products mentioned in reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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