Hawaiian Snacks

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I talk about food a lot on my blog and while I have my favorite snacks and brands, I’m always up for trying new and different varieties and flavors from other companies.  One of the things it allows me to do is find snacks that appeal to the tastes of my immediate and extended family and friends.  Since just because I like something, doesn’t mean they will, and vice versa. 

I was recently introduced to the tastes of Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips.  I have seen these at World Market before, but just never purchased them. 

About Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips
The crispy, golden chips are cooked to perfection, then salted just enough to enhance the natural potato flavor.  Using the traditional Polynesian recipe that originated the Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chip, only the finest ingredients are used to create a chip that captures the freshness an authenticity of the islands.

The makers of Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips announce that their superior line of kettle style potato chips and snack rings are for the first time available to consumers nationwide.  The line offers four flavor choices including Original, Luau BBQ, Sweet Maui Onion and Wasabi.

Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips, which have enjoyed a loyal following on the West Coast, bring something unique to the supermarket, with the Hawaiian tagline, “Lolo ‘Ono,” which translates to “Crazy Delicious.”  Consumers, who have yet to experience Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips and Snack Rings can look forward not only to superior taste and quality, but also to the artistic, colorful, tropical artwork that appears on every bag.

“We are delighted to bring a taste of the islands to the rest of the country to expand people’s taste horizons, the distinctive flavor profiles, crunchy texture and unique packaging all combine to offer consumers a product that is above comparison, and we know they’ll love it.”Terri Barberi, Brand Development Manger in the Specialty Foods Division of Pinnacle Foods Crop., marketers for the Hawaiian brand

I do like the brand packaging; the art work is fun and reflective of the Hawaiian Islands.  They do their job at drawing your attention to them, as I mentioned before I had seen (and remembered) them on the store shelf.

I received all four flavors of the Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips.  Some I shared…others not!  They range in variety from mild to spicy.

The Wasabi was given to a friend to try, as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat such a ‘hot’ flavored chip.  Those that lean toward spicy will probably love them, as it went over well with those who ate it!

The Sweet Maui Onion is just like the name says – sweet and oniony!  I had trouble not eating the whole bag at one time.  These were definitely my favorite.  The flavor combination plus the texture made it a memorable taste.   I shared the Luau BBQ chips with family and friends.  They start off with that BBQ taste, and then the heat hits a bit afterward.  They are tasty, and the spicy flavor lingers.  I did need a drink by my side while eating them!

I really liked the original flavor.  The salt and oil made the potato chips simple but savory. 

All of the flavors had that nice crunch that kettle style potato chips give you.

Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips are available in a range of sizes including 2 oz bags, 8 oz bags and 16 oz bags.  (SRP 99¢ – $5.29)  The larger bags are a bit on the pricey side, but for the Sweet Maui Onion flavor I would be willing to purchase them, because I think it is a unique flavor that isn’t duplicated on other brands of chips.

These chips are “Lolo ‘Ono”!! Plenty of flavor and lots of crunch.  If you are asked to bring chips to a gathering some time, or are having friends over and just serving snacks, but want to impress their taste buds, I would recommend these. 

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation to share these products with you.  I received sample products for review purposes.  Product information was provided by the company, but the opinions about the products are my own.

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