Suspension Kit vs. Lift Kit – What’s the Difference & Which One Do You Need?

If you are shopping for new suspension for your truck, you may see that you can choose between suspension kits and lift kits. In some cases, you may also see . This can create a lot of confusion if you aren’t familiar with all the terms. Fortunately, it is a lot simpler than it may appear at first. This is how you can choose between the options.

What Is a Suspension Kit?

A suspension kit is a set of parts that will let you replace all or most of the suspension components on your truck. There are many reasons why you may want to do this. For example, you may want to have sportier suspension for better on-road performance. Alternatively, you may want to have more rugged suspension that will help you with off-road traction.

If you are interested in modifying your vehicle, upgrading the suspension is likely on your list. Most factory suspensions are good enough for normal driving, but not ready for especially high-speed or particularly challenging driving.

Additionally, a suspension kit can help you to increase the height of your vehicle. This would be a suspension lift kit.

What Is a Lift Kit?

A lift kit is a system that will raise the height of your vehicle. There are two types of lift kits that you may see:

  • Suspension Lift Kit: This is a type of suspension kit that increases the length of the suspension, thus increases the height of the frame from the ground. This is the best way to improve your vehicle’s ground clearance. You can also upgrade the suspension performance at the same time because you will be replacing many components anyway.
  • Body Lift: This type of lift kit does not modify the suspension. Instead, it adds space between the body of the vehicle and the frame. It is a good option if you just want to add some large , for example.

So, the short answer for the difference between a suspension kit and a lift kit is that the former modifies the suspension, and the latter lifts the vehicle. A suspension kit can also be a type of lift kit.

suspension kit

Which Is Right for You?

Choosing which is right for your vehicle depends on what you want to achieve with it. If you want to make a vehicle better suited for racing, you may want to get a suspension kit. Similarly, if your goal is to improve the smoothness of your ride on the road, a suspension kit is the way to go.

Conversely, if you want to increase the height of your vehicle, you need a lift kit. A suspension lift kit will help you increase your ground clearance. A body lift kit won’t increase ground clearance but can accommodate larger wheels. It also looks great.

Order Today

Get ready to upgrade your vehicle today. Now that you know the difference between suspension and lift kits, you can find the right fit for you. Plus, with and other savings coming up, you could score a great price.

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