How To Find A Reliable Cleaning Company

Adulthood almost inevitably comes with cleaning chores. Whether it’s your college dorm, your bachelor pad, your leased apartment, your first home, or your retirement property — you have to shoulder the responsibility of keeping your living environment neat and tidy.

But, given our fast paced lives and busy schedules, cleaning a house can be a challenging task for many. From a demanding job and super long, tiring work days to a growing family to illness, there are many reasons why someone might fall off the home cleaning wagon for a while. And it only takes a few days of slips ups for the carpets to turn grimy or your window panes to collect dirt and debris.    

This is why it pays to have reliable cleaning professionals on your side who can help you maintain a clean and hygienic home. If you’re searching for one, here are five tips that will help you find the right cleaning company.   

reliable cleaning company

  1. Seek referrals from people you know

The first step towards hiring a cleaning company is to get friends, co-workers, and neighbors to recommend a cleaning service they might have used before. When you know that a business is trusted by people within your circle, you can have peace of mind to then go ahead and figure out if they are a right fit for your needs. So always start with referrals.  

  1. Do your research

Before hiring a cleaning service, it’s imperative to research them thoroughly. Some factors to look for are:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are they licensed, insured, and bonded?
  • Do they have trained and qualified staff?
  • If you have a special cleaning need, do they meet them?

You can find some of the answers on the companies’ websites and social media profiles. If not, give them a call. Plus, you’ll get to see the reviews by past clients and complaints, if any, and how they address them and deal with their customers.  

  1. Check out the inclusions and exclusions

Because different companies have different list of chores that they include in their services, make sure to get a checklist of areas each company covers in their house cleaning plan. For example, if you need to have your carpets and windows cleaned, it’s worth noting if these areas are included in their checklist. If not, can they add them to their cleaning list for you? Will you have to pay extra for those services? Clarifying these points is a great way to set expectations right from the start.

  1. Request references

To know if a cleaning company really does what it says, ask for a list of references you may contact before making an offer. A good, reputable company will have no problem sharing them with you. When speaking with the references, ask them about the services they use and if they are fully satisfied with them.

  1. Compare the quotes

When comparing quotes from different cleaning services, keep in mind that low prices may not give you the best value for your money. Instead of choosing the cheapest option, look for the one that offers flat rates, has transparent pricing, and excellent customer service. In services are being offered at very affordable prices that won’t burn through your pocket.

Lastly, get a signed agreement that clearly outlines the scope of work, the type of cleaning job required, rates, and the time frame for the job to be completed.

By following the above steps, you can find the cleaning company that will help you keep your home spotless and safe.  

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