Summer Gardening with Earth Starter

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A little over a week ago I shared with you about Clipless a new mobile gadget that was funding itself through Kickstarter.  Interestingly enough, not long after I wrote that post, I received an e-mail about another really neat Kickstarter project by a new garden company called Earth Starter. 

Earth Starter is releasing their Nourishmat – a pre-fab, paint-by-numbers 4×6 garden that helps kids and parents learn to grow food together.  Every mat comes with 19 varieties of seedballs that are planted into their marked spot in the mat so that they grow well together and help each other grow.  The seedballs include compost and worm castings that help the plants germinate and grow as well.

Earth Starter is aiming to raise $70,000 for the manufacturing of its 4’x6′ Nourishmat Garden System.  All Nourishmat gardens will be manufactured in the United States.

One of the things I’m most excited about our move to Texas is the longer growing season.  Amber LOVES tomatoes and Donald really likes radishes, so those are two things that I’m glad that I can grow even if it’s only in a smaller planter or pot on our deck.  I imagine we’ll be partaking in a lot more fresh produce down there then we ever did up north.  Nourishing that 12th grade brain with fresh veggies so that she can do well in college is my goal

Here’s a little secret though…I’ve never had a garden before.  The thought of it is a tad overwhelming for me.  When to grow what, how to plant it, where to put it…I’ve given up gardening just because of thinking of it!  The Earth Starter system is for people, just. like. me.  The variety of seeds included is carefully chosen to create a balanced garden ecosystem, they hook easily to a hose for the proper amount of watering per day, and it blocks weeds from poking through the garden (can we get a Hoo-rah!?)

Along with the 4’x6′ Nourishmat Garden System, Earth Starter has a 2’x6′ Herbmat Garden System.

Earth Starter is on a mission to change the way people think about homegrown food, and I’m excited to help them, so I hope you are too!!

Earth Starter’s Kickstarter campaign can be found at and rewards for pledging include t-shirts, Nourishmat and Herbmat gardens, custom gardens, and a private concert and stay in Washington, DC, among other goods.

PS:  This would make a great project for a homeschool family who knows nothing about gardening.  Your kids could learn how to plant, care for and harvest the plants as part of a sustainability, science and healthy food curriculum (they’ve done this at a private international school in VA).

For more information on the company and its mission, please visit:

29 thoughts on “Summer Gardening with Earth Starter

  1. I wish they made a bigger version for my garden. Right now I am trying to remember what I planted as plants start to produce.

  2. What a great kit! I love things like this that help those who want to dabble in gardening and see if they have a green thumb start…because it can seem scary and overwhelming otherwise, but this makes it easy to start out.

  3. Oh, how neat! I love gardening, but alas living in an apartment hinders me from doing so anytime soon – getting a house next year, hopefully! 🙂

  4. I luv kickstarter and have supported over a dozen projects already.
    This one looks really cool and I will be checking it out…thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! I really hope that takes off so that more people will start growing their own. Delighted that they will be made in the US.

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