Tips and Ideas for Fun Family Activities in July!

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Yippee…summer is here!  The kids are out of school and looking for adventure.  When the family is out and about, think about taking along some healthy snacks so you don’t load up on empty calories.  Tetra Pak, known for its shelf safe, lightweight packaging has compiled some ideas for family road trips, picnics, healthy snacks and family friendly games.  It’s all part of the Milk Unleashed educational campaign to let people know that shelf safe milk is a great solution when you’re on the go.

Shelf safe milk is real Grade A milk that doesn’t require refrigeration until it’s opened (no preservatives added).  Single-serving cartons can be stored in the pantry for up to six months without refrigeration.  It’s a convenient and healthy way to get the nutrition from calcium-rich milk on car trips, while camping, at the park…even at the beach.  Freeze a few cartons the night before and toss into a sports bag, picnic basket or cooler, and it will be the right temperature when you’re ready to enjoy it.  If your family doesn’t drink it all during the trip…just take it home and put it back in the pantry.

Download these colorful guides with creative ideas for your summer adventures:

Cow Calendar
□ A friendly dairy cow offers up interesting trivia and fun ideas.

On-the-Go Tips
Keeping kids occupied in the car
□ Making errands fun
□ Healthy snacks when you’re on the mooove
□ Making the trip an interesting part of the journey

Snacks Unleashed
□ Ever heard of “clean out the cupboard trail mix”?  Easy and delicious!
□ Try a cereal picnic
□ Top shelf oatmeal is ideal for a camping trip
□ Plus plenty of reasons to get on board the milk train

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15 thoughts on “Tips and Ideas for Fun Family Activities in July!

  1. We were just doing that trail mix thing today! What a coincidence (we mixed left over pretzels and cereals that barely fill a bowl together for a big pile of yumminess)

  2. I usually keep shelf milk of some sort mixed or powdered in case we run out so we can still make things like mac and cheese or what not.

  3. I love bringing shelf safe milk on trips with us, especially to theme parks. I buy the organic milk and since I know it's safe not being cold they drink it instead of having the drink non-organic milk (and overpriced theme park food at that)

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