Strawberry Purée Batter for French Toast & Pancakes

If you remember last week I bought a bunch of strawberries at the grocery store.  So besides the Strawberry Banana ‘Soup‘ I made, I was busy finding other uses for all these strawberries.  I ended up doing something quite simple by puréeing some of the strawberries and adding it to pancake mix for a light but fruity flavor.  It is sure to please both adult and kids alike.

Strawberry Purée Battered French Toast

Strawberry Purée Batter for French Toast & Pancakes

To make, using your favorite pancake recipe, for every two cups of flour or mix add to the recipe 1 cup of puréed strawberries.

For example: if you are making a from scratch recipe and your recipe calls for 2 cups of flour in addition to the rest of the ingredients add a cup of puréed strawberries.  If you are using a mix make the batter as stated on the box using the 2 cups of mix directions and add to that 1 cup of puréed strawberries.

strawberry puree batter french toast

For French Toast, dip frozen pieces of sliced sandwich bread in the batter so each side is coated, but do not saturate the bread fully in the batter (it will just get soft and soggy inside rather than creating a golden crust on the outside).  Fry as you usually do.

strawberry puree batter pancakes

For pancakes, just make them as you usually would.

That’s it! But it makes for a refreshing flavor profile cooked right into the batter.

If you’re very ambitious, try and make the pancakes oval, and then add a bit of icing and colored sugar to them for Easter morning ‘Easter Egg’ pancakes!

strawberry puree batter Easter egg pancakes