Planning a Graduation Party

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We’re busy planning for Amber’s high school graduation the weekend of May 16th, and I’m both sad and glad about it!  Sad that this means that in fall she’ll be going off to college.  Glad, of course, that she’s going off to college.  I have a love hate relationship with the idea.  But for now we’ll celebrate and stress over the festivties at hand.

She has always loved color, and when Oriental Trading offered us some supplies for her party to review, I suggested the Congrats Grad Party Supplies line, and then to add some extra touches to that. She agreed!

When the items arrived we took them out of their packaging, so we could really see how they would look all set up on a table.  The supplies are of good quality, and for the $75 credit we were given we ended up getting a lot for the money (for many of the items, we ordered more than one package, not all of the duplicate items are shown in the photos).

I guess even when you are almost 18 having a mini candy section set up for your guests at a party is still a cool thing.  Luckily we found these super cute Mortarboard Graduation Suckers and Diploma Roll Candies.

Presentation of these are so easy, I just picked up some floral foam and put them in the bottoms of these Black Buckets with Ribbon Handles, poked the suckers in two of them and poured the candy rolls on top of the third, and I think it was a full on success! (in my mind, at least).

Amber’s easy to please personality makes it pretty simple to party plan, I get stressed out about the food and how much I need more than anything.  So when she thought of the mini candy bar idea, I thought it was fabulous and can’t wait to add some more colored candy to some of those buckets that match the décor.  I think it will be a perfect addition to her party!

At the end of the day all we want to do is make sure she has the best high school graduation party, and that she looks back on it years in the future and remembers it with joy (really isn’t that what all us moms want when it comes to planning parties for our kids?). And bless her heart, before we started packing the stuff away for 6 weeks, after I took all the pictures, she said “Thanks Mom, for blogging about this so that I can have a super party.”  Maybe this kid becoming an adult thing won’t be so bad .

* Because I know you’ll all need to plan a party at some point this year, supplies from Oriental Trading are great.  Check them out for supplies for everything from a baby shower to a 50th anniversary celebration.  

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