Sometimes Your Teenagers Really Do Listen – Like When It Comes to Saving Money with

So while I don’t really consider myself a “mommy blogger,” I do on occasion talk about my ‘kid’ on my blog.  My ‘kid’ who is actually really a legal adult.  I bribe ask her to help me with posts, in which you’ll see her in photos and sometimes she’ll even give me an opinon about a product or two, without being sarcastic.

So let me update you on her status a bit, because it’s been a while since I’ve done so.  She’s flourishing at college.  Kind of surprising to us as parents honestly, we were sure she was going to be calling us all the time wanting to come home for the weekends.  Not. Even. Once.

She’s a lot more responsible than we thought she would be too.  Imagine that!

The one lesson she has really learned though is Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees.

The money she earned last year while cashiering at a grocery store is dwindling.  Between school supplies, food and entertainment, she’s realizing that there are multiple options, some of which are a lot cheaper.

She right away looked at renting her film course textbook from this semester after I wrote a post about it last year, instead of buying it (like she did with all her books last semester, because she knew SO much better than I did), and when she’s done with the textbooks that have no use to her beyond the current course (like her Oceanography class), she’s planning on using too.   Because you know when you’re a university student every 20¢ you save buys another pack of Ramen 😉  Even if you have to listen to your mother say “I told you so.”

So…if you are a college student (hey then, thanks for coming to this middle-aged woman’s blog!), or you’re a parent or grandparent of a college student (probably far more likely) then these are the perks of renting textbooks from and why you should encourage them to rent from there:

• save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
• free shipping both ways (don’t lose the pink pouch!)
• can highlight in the textbooks
• flexible renting periods
• 21 day guarantee. If you drop the class or don’t need the book. You have 21 days to return it for a full refund.
• with every textbook rented a portion of the proceeds goes to Operation Smile (If none of the other perks made you smile, that at least should!)  You may find more information about Operation Smile at:

How does it work?:

Isn’t it great when your kid actually listens to you?  The student looking for a text, the student looking to make a bit of cash (with rentback), Operation Smile – is a win/win/win for everyone!