Tips For Easing The Transition To Residential Living

Moving away from home and off to college is an exciting time. For many, this will be their first time living on their own or with roommates, which comes with a great deal of freedom and independence. However, the appeal can quickly wear off when students realize that transitioning to residential life isn’t always as […]

Send a Fun and Yummy Snack Gift Box to Your College Student This Semester

I cannot believe it’s September already, and it’s been three weeks since we dropped our daughter off at college.  Before we know it, she’ll be halfway through the semester and working on her midterm projects and exams.  Whether they’re freshmen or grizzled college veterans, sending a Back to School Care Package from is a […]

Sometimes Your Teenagers Really Do Listen – Like When It Comes to Saving Money with

Click here for disclosure So while I don’t really consider myself a “mommy blogger,” I do on occasion talk about my ‘kid’ on my blog.  My ‘kid’ who is actually really a legal adult.  I bribe ask her to help me with posts, in which you’ll see her in photos and sometimes she’ll even give […]