Just Live – Must Have Leggings

To tell the truth I’m a tad self conscious about what I wear.  It probably stems back to when I was 30 pounds heavier than I am now.  Any one that has carried more weight than they like knows the feeling of looking in the mirror and even though they SHOULD KNOW they look good after they’ve lost weight, they can’t feel like they still don’t.  It’s something I struggle with even 13 years later.

One thing I have never really felt I could pull off is leggings.  At this stage of my life even more so.  I mean I’m over 40 ya’ll.  Leggings are for youngsters, with skinny legs, and I always thought:leggings are not pants.  But then I moved to Texas and became friends with some hip, young bloggers.  They know the fashion scene, they wear the latest trends, and lucky for me…they even help this mid-life woman style her wardrobe.

Just Live logo

I received a pair of Just Live leggings to try out last week.  I admit to being a bit startled with the bold print of the Tropical Daisy when I first opened the package, and then I was even more anxious about the fact that they would cling when I wore them.

running Just Live leggings

I thought for running they’d be alright, I’d pair a cute tank with them.  My bright sneakers would definitely fit with the style.  I’ll turn some heads when I take a spin around the block (not necessarily in the way I would hope why).

But before I did that, I sent a picture of them to my younger, hipper friends and asked “Would you guys wear these, even when not working out?”  I immediately received responses back of “Those are CUTE!”  Okay then, what do I know?

Just Live Leggings

Let me tell you, these Just Live leggings are fabulous.  They can be worn for working out, yoga, cycling – and even for regular everyday wear!  They really can be worn all the time (or at least I WANT to wear them all the time!).

While I wasn’t sure about the pattern at first, I am now crazy about them.  When it comes to comfort they are a game changer in my wardrobe, from the other leggings I currently own to the traditional pants.

Just Live leggings waist band

The ultrawide waist band means I don’t have an elastic cinched around my middle leaving an indent afterward!

And all of those reasons I love them is because Just Live Leggings have YOLON Technology.  They have specially engineered YOLON, a cutting edge fabric, which takes performance apparel to a whole new level.   The lightweight, second-skin feel helps keep you cool and looking fresh even in the hottest summer days.

YOLON’s 24/7 Fit Technology benefits are:

• Enhanced circulation and oxygen flow
• Reduces muscle recovery time
• Compresses the body for a lifted, toned look
• Obliterates odor
• Wicks away moisture
• Stain-resistant
• Exclusive UPF protective layer blend: 73% Cationic Polyester Sorbtek and 27% spandex

Just Live has launched their Kickstarter campaign to take their product across the NATION and develop the first PREMIUM leggings at an affordable cost for everyone!   Retailing at $74.00- $79.00, both the capris and tights come in a wide array of bright colors and eye-catching prints.

Already established as a favorite among women in Miami and South Florida, Just Live has grown tremendously since their founding in 2011. Money raised through their Kickstarter campaign will go towards two major goals: Research and Development, and making their yoga pants even more premium.  This includes padding in the leggings for support and fit, breathable mesh inserts for increased airflow, stronger yet softer materials that offer an opportunity for reusable resources to keep carbon footprint down.

Go check them out for more information at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1428920854/just-live-the-first-premium-leggings-at-a-low-cost, and support this company as they develop Premium Leggings at a Low Cost.