How to Give Your Home a Fresh Start

Since many of us are working from home during this extended quarantine, it is a great time to give our homes a deep clean. The easiest way to prep your home for cleaning is to get organized. You’re really going to be giving your home a fresh start! So, buckle up, put your seatbelts on, and follow this list on how to give your home a fresh start:


Organizing from the top down

Do you really need all the stuff that is in your house anyways? Take the attic for instance– are there any strings of Christmas tree lights up there that are half out? You’re not going to have the patience to change out half of the bulbs on the string, so go ahead and send them packing. What about that half painted rocking chair that desperately needs new backing? Toss it! It’s broken! The many boxes of clothes that you will never touch again? Donate them all, or consider selling them, if that is a possibility for yourself. Maybe I’m just assuming, but you can probably load up a whole dumpster with the things you stashed away in hopes of being able to refurbish.


Save time and grab a dumpster

Speaking of loading up a dumpster, you can save yourself a bunch of time by renting a dumpster for your big cleanout. Instead of leaving a bunch of trash by the road until bulk pickup or having to make 10 trips to the landfill, Junk Queen offers services like a . Not only will you be saving yourself time and gas, but Junk Queen TX gives you a super personalized service that will allow you to choose how long you need your rental for and exactly where you want it placed at your house! The best part is the fact that they’re a licensed and insured company who recycles. When you call them to rent a dumpster, you know without a doubt that they’re going to do what they promise.


Get the most out of your dumpster

If you give yourself a week, you could probably clean, organize, and start on a home project. offers a load of services to help you on your DIY adventure. They offer junk removal of all sizes and types. When you’re done painting, they can load off and recycle those paint cans. When you clean out your house and decide to buy yourself new furniture, they can take away the old stuff! Their services are starting to make deep cleaning my home sound like fun. Think of the fresh start that you’re getting.


Give everything a good scrub down

Once you have everything organized, go ahead and give everything a good scrub down and get things sparkling again. Once again – start from the top down. Fans, walls even, countertops and tables and cabinets, and then finally, baseboards, floors, and whatever else you have to tackle.


Use products to help you re-organize

When you are organizing your home, you can find great storage solutions at places like Homegoods, The Container Store, and Amazon! My personal favorite. A good lazy susan can help you in your kitchen, your bathroom, your closets, and more. They are so useful. Lazy susans, boxes, and more, will help you stay organized because once again, everything will have a spot in your home. It makes it easy to put things back vs. just having them out on the counter because you aren’t sure where to put the item.


After you declutter, clean, and reorganize, you will have the option to start on those home projects that you felt too overwhelmed to get to before. How could you transform that extra room into an office when it had become a makeshift attic? You couldn’t! Haul off the junk, organize what you decide to keep, and you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new house. I don’t know about you, but the thought of spring cleaning right now sounds exciting.

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