Shaker 33 – The Next Generation of Cocktail Shaker

This cocktail shaker was provided to us as a review sample.

So you may have noticed the blog was quiet for the last week of November.  That’s because my husband and I, along with some friends, took a ‘Friendsgiving’ Cruise that week.  Oh how glorious that was to cruise the Caribbean and indulge in great foods and imbibe.  In the seven days we were on the ship I had my share of cocktails, many of which I would love to try my hand at making at home.

The cocktail shaker has remained relatively unchanged for the last 100 years … so the Shaker33 team decided to “shake things up”.   Shaker 33 solves the woes of the classic cocktail shaker and lets you effortlessly create exquisite professional cocktails at home.  You know it’s going to be good since it was created by the same team that came up with the Savino wine preservation carafe

So whether you are an amateur or a pro, now you can make the perfect cocktail all the time, every time. Great news for me, as now I can make those very same cruise ship cocktails in my own home bar.

Shaker33 comes in eight different finishing options, from completely clear, or with colored strainers; frosted, black or stainless steel. So there are plenty of options to meet your own personal or gift recipients’ style.   

And look at the unique packaging it comes in!  Perfect for gift giving.  (And if you were wondering about why it’s called Shaker33, the packaging explains it all 😉 ).

cocktail shaker

This is the stainless steel version:

I like how sleek and modern it looks.

But besides the variety of aesthetic choices it comes in, this is what makes Shaker33 stand on its own in the market:

  • 1.  Locking Top – Top locks in place, is easy to remove, and eliminates leaks and spills.  

You can see the gasket on the lid, that’s how it keeps leaks from happening when shaking.

  • 2. Quality Materials – Lightweight, shatterproof and BPA free Tritan, AND made in the USA (yay!)  It may seem large because of the photo, well it actually is kind of large, at least in my tiny hands, but really who makes ONE cocktail at a time?  Right?! I don’t see many of you raising your hands. AT LEAST two it is then 😉


  • 3. Two Strainer Hole Sizes – The locking strainer has larger holes for a faster pour, and smaller holes on the other side for a finer strain.  I love this feature, plus it (like the lid) is easy to remove.

  • 4. Low Condensation – The patented design chills your drinks… not your hands 😉 It absolutely works.  I have Raynaud’s Phenomenon which in response to cold, causes spasms of blood vessels in my fingers.  When using Shaker33 I had no adverse effects and the drinks come out at the perfect temp.


  • 5. Nesting Top – Keeps your bar clean and the strainer germ-free, eliminating a messy and sticky bar.   As a note it is also top rack dishwasher safe, I haven’t put it in mine yet, but it’s simple enough to hand wash as well.

I thought that a video of it in action would be helpful.  This video was made when it was still in Kickstarter mode, but is still relevant in seeing the highlights of Shaker33 and the cocktail shaker in use.  Even though Shaker33 has had me trying all kinds of concoctions at home this week, I’ll leave this one to the professionals 😉 

Shaker33 is available on and retails at $39.95.

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