How to Take Care of Newly Pierced Ears

Getting your ears pierced for the first time is quite a milestone. You may be nervous leading up to it, but the aftercare is actually the most important part. The piercing will be a quick pinch, but you will need to take special care of the site for six to eight weeks after in order to prevent infection, promote proper healing, and prepare your ears for all the cute earrings you will wear in the future.

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Keep reading for more advice on how to best take care of your newly pierced ears so you can rock your newest accessory for years to come.

Start With a Quality Piercing

It is important to choose a high-quality provider for your piercing. There are all sorts of options out there for where and how to get your piercing done, and who will do the job. You can go to a studio, some stores in the mall will do it, or you can even get a housecall. Some piercing professionals use a piercing gun, while others prefer a needle.

Regardless of where and how you get your ears pierced, it is essential that completely sterile equipment be used to do the piercing. Many piercing places in the mall do not properly train their employees in sterile practices or proper positioning for the piercing, so do your research before you go. If are not sterilized between uses, then there is a chance you could come into contact with blood or other bodily fluid from the previous customer.

Some companies provide piercings by certified nurses, which ensures that you are getting the highest-quality care with the safest sterile equipment. Registered nurses know all about the importance of making sure you do not come into contact with bacteria that can cause infection. They also know the proper techniques and precautions to take in order to keep you safe.

In addition to ensuring the equipment used for your piercing is sterile, you also need to make sure your new earrings are for fresh piercings. The most common type of metal post for freshly pierced ears is surgical stainless steel. Other types of metals can cause allergic reactions and slow down healing time.

Clean Your Piercing

The first 24 hours after your ears are pierced, they will be swollen and sensitive, so just leave them alone. You may be tempted to touch them, but don’t. The only time you should ever touch your new piercings is when you clean them.

You will need to clean the site of your piercing two to three times a day for the next six to eight weeks. This is one of the most important steps, so get into the routine of it right away. It will be easy to remember if you clean your earlobes when you brush your teeth in the morning and before bed. Wash your hands before you clean your lobes, and use saline solution, antibacterial soap, or a special wash for piercings. Do not use rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or antibacterial ointment, as these can cause irritation.

Turn Your Earrings

When you wash your piercings, turn the earrings once in order to  of healing tissue around the earring. Be careful when you do this, because any bacteria on your hands, earlobe, or earring, could cause infection. It is best to do this immediately after you have washed them in order to prevent painful sticking.

Keep Earrings Free of Soap, Hairspray, or Other Irritants

Soap or hairspray can cause your earlobes to become irritated. In order to prevent this irritation, wash your piercings after you get out of the shower. This way, any remaining soap will be removed when you use your saline solution or piercing wash. Try not to use hair products directly around your ears for the time your piercings are healing.

Keep An Eye on Your Piercings

Keep an eye out for swelling, bleeding, or any sort of discharge or crustiness. This can be a sign of infection. If you see any of these, consult a doctor.

After 6-8 Weeks, Change Your Earrings!

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  1. It’s good to know that you need to keep your earrings free of soap. My sister is wanting to get her ears pierced for her wedding. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so she can know how to take care of them after she gets them pierced.

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