Separation Anxiety Isn’t Just for Kids. Good Thing We Have Cheap Wireless Plans.

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Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Text #Shop

We’ve been loyal Walmart #FamilyMobile customers for almost a year now.  The great thing about blogging is being able to try new products and services.  Through a #CollectiveBias campaign last year my husband got to activate a line and try out an Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web through Walmart Family Mobile and we loved it so much we added two more lines to the plan.  One for our daughter and one for me.

You may have noticed me talking a lot about graduation on the blog lately.  That’s kind of consuming our lives right now.  Between making sure we finish off what’s needed for school courses, filling out last minute paperwork from the university, getting ready for guests, parties and commencement and preparing for freshman orientation, it’s what I’m eating and breathing lately.  When I really think about it, I mean REALLY think about it, I get anxious.  In just 3 1/2 months my baby is going to be moving out.  Separation anxiety isn’t just for kids.  Moms get it too.

Walmart Family Mobile Great Graduation Gift #shop
That snappy wallpaper she has on her phone… she drew that herself.  A bit of a Mom brag there 😉

A big benefit to having lowest priced unlimited plans is that our daughter can reach us whenever she needs to.  Right now it’s mostly to pick her up from work or the youth activities she attends.

Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Text Talk Data #Shop
Just surfing the web with her unlimited data while waiting for Mom to pick her up after work.

When she moves into the dorms though, it’s comforting to know that she can text, call or Skype us any time she needs or wants to and we don’t have to worry about receiving a huge bill in the mail or overages.  She’s already making a list of things she’s going to bring to make her dorm room feel more like home and these three things made the top of her list.

Walmart Family Mobile Keeping In Touch When Not At Home #Shop
The stuffed Stitch that she has had since she was 8 and her phone make perfect sense to me, but how her Nintendo DS will help her with separation anxiety; that one I haven’t yet figured out!

If it’s been a while since you’ve been in college, let me tell you something, the days of a communal phone on the main floor of a residence hall no longer exists.  A mobile phone with an unlimited plan is almost a requirement when you send your kid off to college.  That being said, college is expensive enough, the Walmart Best Plans are only $39.88 (+ taxes and fees) for Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web, and each additional line you add is only $34.88 (+ taxes and fees).  The Sim Card price including activation is $25 and the bills can be paid online, automatically with a credit card, in Walmart stores or by phone.  The online portal is very easy to navigate and their FAQs are extensive and helpful.

Walmart's lowest priced unlimited plans #shop

If you have a 4G phone in a service area that supports it, you get 5GB of high speed as part of that unlimited data.  That’s HUGE for a college student (you could even try and convince yourself they’re using it for researching their semester paper).

But this Mama, she just wants to see this pretty face each day.

Walmart Family Mobile #shop
Yes?  Why are you disturbing me when I’m busy on my phone?!

With Walmart Family Mobile’s Unlimited Plans, even though she’s living somewhere else, I’ll still get to do that.  It makes that separation a little easier to bear.

If you have been wondering what to get a graduate this year, a Family Mobile plan is a great idea!   The phones start at a reasonable price point, or you could go all out and get your graduate one of the latest and greatest like a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone too.  If you already own a T-Mobile banded phone you can even use that with the Walmart Family Mobile SIM card.  It is a win-win plan for you and your student.

13 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety Isn’t Just for Kids. Good Thing We Have Cheap Wireless Plans.

  1. I get anxious when my kids are in school and I have no way of talking or sharing with them, and they're only 9, 7 and 6! I can not imagine seeing my babies go off to college, but I know the time will come eventually. It is great to know there is already an affordable solution!

    PS – Your girl is quite the artist!

  2. Ugh, I don't even want to think about the boys going off on their own. I am not sure they will be a plan with enough minutes when that happens!

  3. I'm seriously tearing up at this post thinking about my kids going off to college and they're 3 and 5! While I have a long way to go, I know other mamas who are looking for that perfect solution. And at $39.88 a month this is a great plan for that first phone off of the family package! #client

  4. She looks just like you 🙂

    I can't even imagine how it must feel knowing your baby will be moving out in a few short months.

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