4 Safety Items for the High School Graduate Going Off to College

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As a Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad Ambassador, I have received compensation and products for my family to use in my home for our safety and security. Any opinions I share in posts related to the Live Security Squad and Master Lock are my own.

We’re in the countdown to graduating our high school senior around here. Just two weeks to go and Amber will be done Part I of her education venture .   With a few months of little responsibility and then back into it full time as she moves onto the university campus in fall to study Arts and Technology with a major in Video Game design.

If you’re in that season of life with a high school student of your own, or know some that are graduating this year, there are a number of Master Lock products that are great gifts for a college freshman. Many of them very affordable too, so if graduation invitations are taking over your fridge front you can still add a token to a card if you like without breaking the bank.

Laptop Cable Lock – $19.99
This is a must have item for every college student that is going to be carrying around a laptop.  As for what comes on top of tuition, fees, room & board, a laptop is going to be the most expensive thing we’re going to be getting for Amber for university, and we want to make sure that she keeps it protected and secure at all times.

You can secure any laptop that has a built-in lock slot with it.  The strong ultra portable self-coiling cable extends from 3 inches to 6 feet.  Plus it has a high contrast dial that is easy to read.  With 10,000 combinations possible, this will help keep your student’s laptop safe.

Personal Safe – $27.59
This personal safe provides some extra measures when it comes to dorm room security.  It includes a combination lock and inside you can fit small digital devices like a phone or camera, flash drives, cash, and/or a passport.  The attached cable can then lock around a piece of furniture or a closet rod. 

You never know who might be in your student’s dorm room while they are not.  This is an added way to know that devices and important IDs are locked up tight.

Backpack Lock – $6.71
If your student is planning on toting around a backpack on campus, this is perfect to keep the items inside of it safe.  Whether the bag is on their back or on the ground next to them while they are distracted doing something else, it’s just an extra deterrent to keep a thief from trying to get inside of it, and they’ll move on to an easier target.

It’s always better to be safer than sorry, and no one wants that term paper that they worked all night on taken along with whatever else was in the bag.  No keys needed here, a 3-wheel set-your-own combination locking for keyless convenience is what it’s all about.  And it’s versatile enough they can use it for other purposes as well (equipment bags, gym lockers, etc.)

Luggage Lock – $4.99
They aren’t just for suitcases!   These are also the perfect size for trunks.  They can be used on backpacks as well, just like the carabiner one pictured above.

It  features a steel shackle for cut resistance and again, no keys, just a combination, I don’t know about your kids, but mine will have enough to keep track of her freshman year, she doesn’t need to be hunting for keys.   Of course if you prefer keys, feel free to pursue the many other luggage locks Master Lock carries.

I ♥︎ this particular limited edition love lock (ha see what I did there?!), to give to your high school graduate so they can always remember you love them when they are away from home.  Sappy? Maybe, but I’m the Mom, I’m allowed to be!

What kind of safety items did you/would you send your kid off to college with?

27 thoughts on “4 Safety Items for the High School Graduate Going Off to College

  1. Great list of items to keep your child safe. I really like the idea of the personal safe.

  2. I think I'd like to get a laptop cable for myself while traveling. I usually put my computer in my suitcase and lock that, but it'd be nice to not have to put it ALL the way away every time.

  3. Sadly, we sent her off with nothing. Luckily, all has gone well this year. She always keeps her door locked when away and her computer and backpack are always near.

  4. What a great list of items! My daughter will be graduating high school next year and I'm totally not ready!

  5. I had a cable for my bike (45 years ago) no need for laptop stuff since there weren't any.

  6. I agree with the personal safe especially if you have a roomates or many room
    mates. You never know what will happen.

  7. Excellent points and great ideas! Most kids only want to be seen with whatever is cool, so they might not want to be seen with a lock on their stuff if other kids don't. But if they are wise, they'll want their precious things as safe as possible!

  8. Great information! We also bought a second, cheaper bike for my son to keep on campus…locked, of course. (He lived off-campus)

  9. these are nice items to have and to be prepared for the year ahead. I would have never thought of these

  10. I never even knew there was such a thing like that laptop lock, I would completely agree that these are necessities.

  11. These all look like great items for security. I would also stress to always lock the door when she leaves her dorm room.

  12. Great ideas! Also a personal alarm would be good to keep on their backpack to make go off if they are in need of help!

  13. I added a bike lock and added insurance to her phone and laptop. Informative post, thanks!

  14. Ha! The Personal Safe would have been of help to me during my freshman year of college, when my roommate broke into my foot locker to steal a couple hundred dollars.

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