Are You Still Frozen?

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Hah! Did you think I was talking about the weather?!  I’m just kind of curious how many of your kids (or you, yourselves) are still on the Frozen bandwagon?  We had a lot of fun making our Olaf Waffle Pops in March and shopping for some Frozen merchandise.  Since then here are a few new things I’ve found that are Frozen related, but you all know that if you see something Frozen you should BUY it, because like I found out below, it WILL be gone if you change your mind later …

Lullaby Versions of FROZEN
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star released Lullaby Versions of Frozenfeaturing lush instrumental lullaby versions of the children’s phenomenon.  Soothe your baby, do yoga or just chill to the sounds of the Frozen soundtrack.  This is where the cool kids start!

Frozen Free Fall
I’m sure a lot of you have been playing this for ages already.  I decided to download this free app after I got stuck frustrated on Candy Crush.  I’m now on Level 102.  Yeah, it’s just as addictive as the Candy Swap 3 game…

Anna Mug
I am TOTALLY kicking myself for not buying this mug when we saw it at the Disney Store in San Antonio in January.  Amber really wanted it, but I told her it was silly to buy it there when we have Disney stores here…bad move mom.  Guess what?  These mugs were sold out everywhere!  I did find one on Amazon for double the price that it sold for in the stores.  Sigh.

Olaf, Celebrate Summer Postcards
Tired of winter?  Ready for Summer?  Celebrate and let all your friends know with these super cute postcards.

Olaf, Celebrate Summer Post Card by disney
Find other Disney frozen olaf Postcards at

Olaf, Celebrate Summer Post Card

Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Here’s an easy way to get your daughter’s room transformed into a winter wonderland.  Available at Home Depot Free Ship to Store or Home.

Frozen Sisters 48” No Sew Fleece Throw
Keep them busy and cozy!  You can usually find a valid coupon for JoAnn Fabrics too.

Olaf Nail Decals
Etsy has such talented people – check out these nail decals.  And they are SUPER affordable too!

Elsa ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoof shirt
But this, this my friends is the ULTIMATE piece of Frozen merchandise that I must own.  You can find this on  There are some other super fun designs on that site for Frozen shirts and other merchandise too, check them out.

What kind of Frozen merchandise would you like to have?

21 thoughts on “Are You Still Frozen?

  1. My sister bought the DVD and the kids here watched it over and over again. Love those nail decals, they are so cute

  2. My boys are definitely still on the Frozen bandwagon. In fact, I heard a kid singing the song at the campground the other day. I need to check out that Frozen free fall game.

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