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I’m one of those people who are always cold.  So when I wear skirts and dresses, I need something a bit more substantial than just a pair of pantyhose.  That means I wear a lot of tights. 

Some of the problems I’ve had with tights in the past though is that they can be too form fitting and I feel constricted while wearing them.  Or because I’m quite short they are super long in the legs and bunch up around my ankles.  I recently received a pair of Sculptz tights, and are impressed with how they’re made!

This fall, patterns and textures reign supreme and Sculptz have created the perfect tights for the season.  14 new patterns in falls hottest colors.  Now I was sent the Animal pattern in black to review, and to be completely honest, I was a bit nervous on how they would look on me.

Most of the tights I already own don’t have a pattern at all, or if they do a very understated one.   Animal, yep, I was nervous.  But even as I was putting them on, I realized, ‘hey, these aren’t so bad.  I can pull these off!’.  Now I even feel stylish knowing that I’m sporting a trendy fashion statement.

As for fit – well these aren’t too big, nor are they constricting.

The sizing chart seems to be right on the mark, because even after wearing and washing, they still fit like the first time I put them on.  They are quite comfortable to wear all day, and they are soft against the skin.  I also didn’t sweat in them (which I often do in nylons).

Because of the great quality of these tights I don’t hesitate to recommend them even at $15 a pair.  I know they will last me more than one season and still look good.

I received a sample pair of Sculptz tights to review.

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