“I Made It Through” – Debut CD from Christian Pop Singer Natasha Owens

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The CDs on our shelves have grown a bit dusty.  These days we tend to be listening to music in our cars and at home we’ve discovered Pandora.  That way we get a kind of “catch all” of the types of music we like without hearing the same voice over and over.  But a couple of weeks ago I was sent a copy of Natasha Owens’ debut CD “I Made It Through“, and the resultant effect has been that there is little else that I have listened to since.  My partiality to wanting to listen to the CD was two-fold.  First, I’m always up to discovering new Christian pop artists that I’m not familiar with and second, I’m embracing all things Texas and Natasha just happens to be from a surrounding DFW city.  Just like I’ve come to nearly love everything in this area and state, Natasha’s voice and lyrics are no exception.

On May 6, 2010, her dad died suddenly. Natasha was very close to her Dad and the loss had a huge impact on her. Not too long after his death, Natasha was asked to step up from just praise singing at her church to the position of music minister.  She was hesitant at first but God laid it upon her heart that it was the right thing to do. She was just getting through the introductory period when she entered into the angry stage of grief. She became so angry that God allowed her Dad to be taken from her; he could have saved him. She felt like such a hypocrite. Every week she was leading people into praise and worship and telling them how great God was while at the same time she was so angry with him and felt like he had failed her. She was at a fork in the road and could have chosen to live in bitterness or to rise above. During that time, she was drawn to nothing but restoration songs – and through those songs God was working in her and she didn’t even know it. The more she taught them and sang them the more healing she received. God took all of the hurt, pain and bitterness and replaced them with peace, love, hope and comfort.

And that’s just what this CD is about.  The lyrics are deep and like a balm to those who are going through tough times.  And her voice…amazing, if you’ve never heard Natasha sing before you may be surprised by what you hear from the very first track on the album, Let Go, which is very soulful and not what you’d anticipate at all from the CD cover.  Each and every song speaks to your heart both with the words and the melodies.  You can hear the passion about what she’s singing in her voice.  

Natasha Owens reminded me why it’s good to put the compilations aside for a while and focus on a single artist and a single CD again.  While it’s refreshing to hear different vocals and songs – sometimes you need a targeted message that’s woven throughout the music.  I Made It Through is just that kind of CD if you are looking for some encouragement and the hope of restoration.

For more information on Natasha Owens, please visit http://www.natashaowensmusic.com.  You can order I Made It Through on Amazon.com. 

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