Review & Giveaway: Wits & Wagers Family Game

I’ve got to be honest, when I hear that a game is geared for families I figure that it will be a long suffering game for adults, really geared for little kids.  Wits & Wagers Family is nothing like that though.  Instead what we found while playing, is a fun game for all ages, where you can rely on your ‘wagers’ rather than your ‘wits’ and still win the game!

Many trivia games require you to know completely obscure details and because of that, if you aren’t a trivia buff they are no fun to play.  Wits & Wagers Family puts hundreds of trivia questions (yes, some are obscure!) at your fingertips, but you don’t have to know the answer to them in order to rack up points.  All the answers are numbers, and you only need to “guess” at the correct amount along with your opponents.  If you are the closest without going over…great…you score points that round.

But lest you think that’s unfair to the children playing, it’s not.  For a couple of reasons.  One…the questions run the gambit.  From “how many Disney princesses are there?”  to “how many feet in a mile?”, everyone has a fair chance at not just guessing, but knowing the answer.

The other reason is “Meeples”.  Meeples are big and little markers that players can place on anyone’s guess, if they think they are the closest (without going over) to the correct answer.  If the card with your Meeple on it wins, well then you score too!  So even if your ‘wits’ don’t know the answer to how many Disney Princesses their are…well you can ‘wager’ on the 4 year old girl playing to know!

The game play goes fast, and the dry erase marker/cards are a great way to write your guess and keep score in a re-usable fashion.

This game can be played with as few as 3 people and as many as 10 if you group up 2 people to a team.  It states ages 8+ but I would assume that’s partly for the skill of being able to read the questions.  Really any age can play, especially if you’re working in teams. 

With 300 questions, the game will stay fresh for a long time, because one only needs 15 points to finish the game, allowing for a lot of games to be played before you get through all the questions. 

If you enjoy playing board games with your family, and are looking for something different from the average trivia game, Wits & Wagers Family is an excellent choice.  There’s a lot of fun packed into this quick game and at $15.00 on it’s a great value.

You can connect with North Star Games the publisher of Wits & Wagers Family on Facebook at!/northstargames?ref=ts

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DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION:  I wrote this post as part on behalf of North Star Games and received a free sample of Wits & Wagers in order to facilitate the posting of the information above.


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