Re-visiting the Carpet Cleaning

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You know how when you’re not sure if you should do something, you ask or look for a “sign” on whether you should proceed?  I think after my carpet cleaning post a couple of weeks ago I’m being “told” my carpets need a cleaning, LOL!

The very day after writing that post what should show up in my mailbox?  An advertisement for carpet cleaning!  Then when I was perusing the Home Depot website, I came across a video demo for Chem-Dry carpet cleaning

But wait…no joke…I was flipping through an old issue of a magazine later that evening and came across an article with carpet care tips on smart ways to make your carpet last forever.  I don’t know whether to laugh or book a carpet cleaning appointment!

While I think about it (or get hit over the head with another blatant ‘sign’ to actually get it done), I will take a couple of the tips from the magazine article and put them into practice.

One of them was a way to remove dents from carpets, those ones that are left when you move a piece of furniture.  If you place an ice cube in the dent and let it melt, you can then blot the wet spot and use a spoon to re-fluff the fibers!  Genius!  The water gives the fibers the moisture they need to stand back up again.  — Woman’s World 3/14/11

I always thought our carpets were fairly clean because we don’t wear our shoes in the house, but then I read this:

Walking barefoot on your carpet can actually harm the fibers!  The oils on your feet stick to the carpet and attract dirt and grime. — Woman’s World 3/14/11

Yikes!  Maybe my carpet isn’t as clean as I thought…

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