Quick and Fun Ways You Can Make Your Guest Bathroom Holiday Ready

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We like to hold a lot of holiday gatherings in our home.  Inevitably the bathroom is going to get used.  Sometimes it’s just one or two people that ask to use it.  Other evenings it’s like there is a revolving door into it!  It is the first room I clean and prepare when I know we’re having guests, and I like to do a few fun, quick things that make an impression on my those who need to use our bathroom.

Quick and Fun Ways You can Make Your Guest Bathroom Holiday Ready

• Display Your Soap in a Fun Container – I took a 16 oz Mason Jar and poured some green colored liquid soap into it.  Then I added a reCAP pump to it, which I attached a couple of seasonal wine tags to, so they extended from the pump ring to each side, taping them down to the glass.  You can add the wine tags to any bottle of pump soap to add a seasonal touch and they are generally inexpensive.  The ones I purchased were 97¢ for a package of four.

• Pipe in Music – Inside a wicker picnic basket, I put a small wireless speaker, that I have connected via Bluetooth to my computer, streaming Christmas music at a low volume.  Then I embellished the basket with some red jingle bells to make it look more like décor.

• Have Extra Toilet Paper Out Where People Can Access It – I know I never like to rummage through other people’s bathroom cupboards to find toilet paper when I need it, so I make sure my guests can find it easily.  Keeping it light hearted makes everyone smile too.  Remember the Chalkboard Christmas Card Box I blogged earlier this month?  Well it can also be used as a toilet paper holder.  Here I’ve given my guests the choice between choosing Soft or Strong.  The first person who happens to find themselves at the end of the roll, well they get to choose the new one!

By providing the Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong we can use 4x less toilet tissue!  That means the rolls will last longer and I won’t have to go out to purchase it as frequently.

Speaking of Charmin…did you know that using Charmin toilet paper will ensure your plumbing will stay clog-free…even when your toilet is getting flushed a. lot. during your holiday entertaining?

Roto-Rooter (who is America’s largest provider of plumbing and drain services) and Charmin have teamed up again this year, to remind you all that only Charmin provides a guarantee of being clog-free and septic-safe.  It’s no wonder Roto-Rooter plumbers recommend Charmin more than any other brand of toilet tissue, and that it is used by plumbers more than any other brand.

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How do YOU make sure your bathroom is “holiday ready” for guests????

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