Crayon Marks? Nail Holes? Craft Projects? Get It All Fixed & Done Before the Holidays!!!

I’m sure you’ve seen the quote signs “Pardon the Mess, but our Children are Making Memories.”  It often just doesn’t mean Legos and Barbie shoes on the floor, but also crayon marks on the walls, nail holes from former art work hung and school projects needing to be finished.

The Color-Glide Pro is a useful and uniquely convenient tool for the home or any do-it-yourself project.  I was sent samples for my family to try this diversely usable product that is good for any task from painting an entire room to assisting with a hobby or project.  Made from recyclable materials, this container and pump allows you to paint with any color of your preference. Scuffs and marks on the wall can now be easily fixed.

Simply use the paint transfer pump to fill your Color-Glide Pro paint applicators with the matching paint color and touch up the needed area.

Just so I could show you how it works, I used a small craft paint bottle.  I’m actually working on a craft project that I’ll have on the blog at a later time, and I really liked using the Color-Glide Pro tube to work on it.

The Color-glide Pro can be used to paint over it without the mess or extra tools. It has a felt-tipped sponge that creates a gliding effect on any surface. Inside the tube is a stainless steel ball that is intended for mixing the paint, ensuring that your choice of paint stays fresh after every use.

This product makes painting simple and clean and allows you to label each tube with the paint color, the room it was used in and/or project so that you can easily and quickly find what you need to do a touch up if required.

The packaging suggests to rinse or wipe off the felt applicator and then put the cap on so the paint doesn’t dry out.  I wasn’t able to rinse it very well, so I just used a paper towel to wipe off the excess and then capped it.

You can clean and reuse the pumps and tubes depending on the type of paint you are storing in it.

Starting at just $3.99, this is a handy gadget to have around your home.  You can learn more at