Qoileez! Review & Giveaway

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As you may or may not have noticed , I’ve been blogging a lot about our upcoming move this year.  We’ve been slowly packing up our boxes, and I want to make sure that everything is done in an organized way.  That’s pretty easy with the basic stuff, but when we started tackling our office space, all the small parts and cords for our tech gadgets looked pretty overwhelming.  Last week I was sent something that is a fabulous idea for keeping all those cords from getting tangled up.

Qoileez!  I’ve quickly come to love these little things. I tried them out on the charging cord for my iPhone and I know that this is a great way to keep it from getting all loose in my bag when traveling.

There are so many uses for them.  They have a bunch of ideas on their website including using them for hair decorations.

They would be fun to use on straws to distinguish cups from each other especially at birthday parties (and perfect little favors to put in goodie bags too!).

Some other ways you could use them is to put them on a pencil, or to hold knitting needles together.

With all the patterns and colors, you can get creative with these stretchy plastic coils and find lots of ways to put them to use! 

Qoileez! are for all fun fashion lovers over the age of 3!  What are you going to do with your Qoileez!?

One of you can WIN three packages of “Qoileez!”

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