Pocquettes™ iPhone®/Earbud Case

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I’ve had so much fun “wrapping” up my iPhone in accessories this holiday season. And I just have to share about one of the ways I’ve done that with a gift I got from Levenger.

A chic yet protective way to carry your smartphone is the Pocquettes iPhone/Earbud Case. It holds and iPhone 4S (and possibly other models of smartphones with similar dimensions), and your earbuds.

It came in a nice box and even included a cleaning cloth.

The case is made from real leather, and the inside is softly lined so it won’t scratch your screen.  It also does provide protection because I dropped it on the floor of Target the other day, and my phone received nary a scratch from the fall.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you keep a case on your phone, it will have to be of a pretty slim profile to fit inside the pouch, I was able to fit mine in there with one of my cases, but it’s designed to be used without a protective cover on your phone I assume.

It comes with a matching nifty holder for your earbuds.

The compartment for the earbuds, can alternatively hold some credit cards, your driver’s license and some cash, and then you can basically use the case as a wallet of sorts. That’s how I’ve been using it this past week (although I would use it for my earbuds when I’m traveling, I love that feature so they are easy to find and don’t get tangled).

The one thing I’d have loved to see on this case that it doesn’t have is wristlet to use it like I have been. What I ended up doing is attaching one of my own sturdier bracelets through the zipper pull and now I can carry it that way, without worrying I’ll drop it again if it slips out of my grip.

While I like to use different cases, I can certainly see myself using this particular one when going out and I want to keep my accoutrements minimal. It allows me to carry what I need, including my phone in a stylish way.

There are a lot of other ways to carry and protect your technology at Levenger.com, as well as many other items for the office and/or the professional. I’d love to hear what you think about some of the products on their site.

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3 thoughts on “Pocquettes™ iPhone®/Earbud Case

  1. Thanks for the review. I just got my daughter an iPhone and am looking for nice cases.

  2. Nice case. Is this available in any more colors? My husband would want to have this one in black. Obviously he cannot use it in red :). Even I would want one in a beige color 🙂

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