The Do Not Call List for Junk Mail

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By LizMarie_AKMost of us have our phone numbers on the Do Not Call list so that we don’t receive unsolicited calls.  But did you know that you can sort of do that with junk mail too?

If you’ve ever ordered something online, a few weeks later you’ve probably started getting catalogs in the mail.  And then some other stuff.  From places you’ve never even heard of.  Am I right?  And while you may appreciate the odd one on occasion, most of them probably end up in your garbage recycling.  What a waste. 

Unless of course they’re from IKEA or Think Geek, then I give you permission to send them on to me!  I suppose they also could make disposable reading material for the very young, as indicated in the picture I have accompanying my post…

To see if you can stop at least some of the junk from getting in your mail box, visit, and this free service will help you opt out of these mailings.

2 thoughts on “The Do Not Call List for Junk Mail

  1. Since the Christmas season is over, my junk mail catalogs should stop. Now If I could stop all the college junk mail! I still went to the site to hopefully stop things for next year. thanks

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