Pie Five Pizza Now Open in Flower Mound, TX

A new fast-casual pizza restaurant has made its way over to the town of Flower Mound.

The Flower Mound Pie Five Pizza is located on Justin Rd (FM 407) in Flower Mound at Highlands Plaza.  We’ve eaten at another Pie Five location before, but it’s always great when we find a tried and trued restaurant close to home, and this particular Pie Five is right in our stomping grounds.My husband and I had the opportunity to be hosted by Pie Five for a gratuitous lunch a couple of weeks ago at the new location, and as always our meal did not fail to disappoint.  Sure you could get pizza just about anywhere, but where Pie Five shines is that you get to watch them build your own personal pizza and the ingredients they use are fresh and all-natural .  Oh yeah and that whole “Pie Five” name .. it’s because you’ll get your pizza hot out of the oven in just around… five minutes!

What’s great about Pie Five is that since you get your pizza made the way you want it, you have  so many options.  With me following a specific meal plan this past month I loved the fact that I could still eat pizza and stay on plan!  I ordered the Farmer’s Market which is tuscan marinara / mushrooms / spinach / red & green peppers / red onions / roasted tomatoes on a whole grain thin crust.  It was SO GOOD.Flower Mound Pie Five PizzaIt’s also a reality in my life that my husband is a picky-eater.  That often makes ordering pizza for the whole family difficult.  Pie Five Pizza is perfect for him because he can get just what he wants the way he likes it.  He ordered the Chicken Carbonara pizza (sans red pepper flakes and mushrooms) on a pan crust.  I think he pretty much inhaled it, so that’s high praise 😉As if the pizza wasn’t enough, we had some awesome Pie Five dessert too.  There ‘dessert pies’ are decadent and totally worth splurging for.  This was my husband’s Chocolate Chip pie dessert.  I had the Turtle Brownie but finished it before I remembered I hadn’t taken a photo of it (yes it’s that good 😉 ).

So if you’re looking for custom, personal pizzas with quality ingredients in only five minutes, check out Pie Five.

PIE FIVE in Flower Mound is located at:

  • 3711 Justin Rd., Suite 110
    Flower Mound, TX 75028
    Phone: 972-623-7689
    Visit Website

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