You Don’t Have To Cook Dinner Tonight…Because Colonel Sanders Already Did – KFC $20 Family Fill Up

KFC $20 Family Fill Up MealI just cannot believe it is October already.  It seems once the school year starts back up the time goes by so fast because everyone is so busy.  Between jobs, school, lessons, sports, scouts and a myriad of other evening and weekend activities, the days are packed being busy every minute from morning until bedtime.  And for those days when you’re just done in…why not let Kentucky Fried Chicken handle dinner?The new, limited time KFC $20 Family Fill Up™ meal is just what the Colonel orders when you want a filling meal at an affordable price…that you don’t have to cook! The other night after having just gotten back from a press trip, catching up on blog duties and needing to do some much neglected housework, I just had no gumption to cook dinner.  So we head over to our local KFC and ordered up a $20 Family Fill Up meal*.After having eaten leftovers for a few days while I was gone, my husband certainly wasn’t complaining either 🙂The KFC $20 Family Fill Up meal comes with 8 pieces of chicken (in various options – we chose original), 2 large orders of  mashed potatoes with gravy, 4 biscuits and a large coleslaw.  But the Colonel always aims to please and you can substitute one of the potatoes for another side if you want (at least at our location they were kind enough to do so!) and so we chose to get potato wedges in place of one of the mashed potatoes.You can’t go wrong with this meal deal folks!  Great food, great price – no cooking?!  It’s a no brainer 🙂And so much food!  A family of 4 won’t be leaving the table hungry (well unless you have teenage boys and then I don’t promise anything… maybe get them their own $20 Family Fill Up!).  The KFC $20 Family Fill Up supports the Colonel’s belief that a family meal replacement can be plentiful AND valuable when it’s made “the Hard Way” by KFC cooks 😉

How Do You KFC?  Are you an original, extra crispy or grilled chicken kind of family?  Do you go for the drumsticks or are you all about the white meat?  Whatever your chicken vice is, the KFC $20 Family Fill Up has you covered.

*A gift card was provided to try out the $20 Family Fill Up meal at KFC.

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Cook Dinner Tonight…Because Colonel Sanders Already Did – KFC $20 Family Fill Up

  1. Want to kfc in Columbus IN to get 20 dollar fill up like I do about every other week I order the same thing 20 dollar fill up with mac &cheese instead of slaw was told I couldn’t sub anything on 20$ fill up but have since promotion has been going on asked why when I have for so long they said other workers was wrong I asked where is it posted they said it isn’t. So I’m saying I will put KFC WITH TACO BELL GOOD FOOD POOR MANGEMENT. I will also choose to take my business someplace different maybe chic a fila

  2. No problem substituting for the mashed potatoes – got green beans and kernel corn in place of the potatoes and gravy. No hesitation, no attempts to deny the substitutions.

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