Dot&Dot 1.25oz Travel Bottles

I no longer have to visit the trial sized aisle for hair care and lotion when I travel!  I know, I know, you all are wondering why I even bring my own toiletries with me when I travel, I mean hotels supply shampoo, conditioner and lotion… but I like mine!  And the older I get the more set I am in what I want to use when it comes to brand names and scents.  

I’ve tried using refillable travel bottles in the past, and have always been disappointed because the plastic cracks or they are hard to fill or dispense.  So I was quite excited when dot & dot sent me a set of their 1.25oz travel bottles to review. 

First off they are TSA compliant in size and they come in a zip-topped carrying bag, that is significantly sturdier than a zip sandwich/freezer bag, that you can use to go through the security line.


I feel secure knowing that they are

  • 100% BPA Free and FDA Approved.  They are rated safe to use for baby or for food storage, so I feel confident in putting lotion and facial products in them, products that will touch my skin.

They have a HUGE opening in order to fill them up.  I love this.  So many other travel bottles I’ve owned in the past have these teeny, tiny holes and are almost impossible to fill without spilling out more than you’re getting in the bottles.

There are little labels in the collar that you can move the ID window around to ‘label’ the bottle.  The labels include Shampoo, Conditioner, Sunscreen, Lotion and Soap, plus there are a few blank spaces where you could use a permanent pen like a Sharpie (would need to be an extra fine tip) to label it with your own item.  They are a little tough to see (especially if you’re getting older and have bad eyesight like I do), but of course having the different colors is handy if you can remember which product you put in each one.  I think I’m going to use my Silhouette Cameo to cut out some vinyl letters to put on the caps to indicate what I have in each one to make it easier for me.

They have no drip valves too, and because the bottles are basically ‘upside down’ you get every last squirt out that you put in.

I think the most unique thing about these little personal travel bottles is the suction cups on the backside.  You can stick it to the edge of the tub or shower to have it in a height appropriate place and for hands-free use.  (Just don’t forget it in the hotel bathroom when you leave!).

I really like these Dot&Dot 1.25oz travel bottles since I travel quite a bit and I have certain hair products (like my argan oil conditioner and apricot hair masque) that I want to bring with me when I go away, but don’t want to pack a suitcase just to bring them.  These allow me to use the products I like even when I travel without worrying about them leaking and being TSA compliant.

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