Hurry In to Pie Five For Their Maui Wowwi Pizza

There’s just a few days left to get in on the taste of the pizza paradise that is Maui Wowwi at Pie Five!

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The new Maui Wowwi pizza comes on an Artisan Thin crust and is topped with tangy BBQ sauce, savory ham, smoky bacon, crisp red onions, and sweet pineapple, then finished with fresh cilantro.

My family and I had the chance to try it last week at the new Pie Five that opened up on Highway 121 in Lewisville, TX (right near Castle Hills).  Our go to pizza on a regular occasion is a Hawaiian Pizza.  But this Maui Wowwi – oh my!  The BBQ Sauce, bacon, and cilantro kick it up a notch, let me tell you.  I really wish it weren’t a limited flavor…but then again…

That’s the beauty of Pie Five if you’ve never been there.  As my daughter describes it: “It’s like a Subway for pizza.”  And she’s quite right!  You walk down the line and have the choice of some of their signature pizza toppings, or you can make your own. For families that can’t agree on the same toppings, it’s a perfect place to get pizzas!

Pie Five delivers a fresh personal pizza in 5 minutes or less (hence the whole Pie Five name!).  So while the Maui Wowwi won’t be on the menu after June 7th, I can add some of those toppings to a personal pizza any time to recreate that flavor as close as possible.

In addition to their pizzas, Pie Five offers salads and they have completely delicious dessert “pies” as well.Pie Five is definitely a place to check out if you’ve never been.   Thanks to Pie Five for hosting my family for dinner to try their Maui Wowwi Pizza.

Have you ever visited a Pie Five?  What are your favorite pizza toppings?

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