Now You See Me….Now You Don’t

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In 2010 I moved my blog from Blogger to my current platform SquareSpace – which is an all in one platform and hosting solution.  I chose it over WordPress which a lot of my blogging friends use, and I’ve been very happy with the ease of use, and the ability to change things up on my blog with little coding knowledge. I’ve also been happy with the load times (when my blog loads slowly it’s due to the ads I run that help pay for my hosting) and the unlimited storage and bandwidth I get with my account.

And during the week of and following Hurricane Sandy, I was HUGELY impressed with the customer service SquareSpace offered their customers.  See SquareSpace uses Peer1 Data Center to host our sites (where I’m just one of 1.4 million around the world) – and Peer1 is located in Lower Manhattan.

While they thought they would be able to run on generator power, their building was flooded and the fuel pumps that run the generator are under water.  After the storm hit, members of the SquareSpace staff, and their colleagues at Peer1 and Fog Creek were ‘bucket brigading’ fuel to the 17th floor generator, to keep their clients’ websites online.  Talk about service.

Then they tried a more sustainable resolution to get an alternate fuel pump in, but that failed.  It just wasn’t strong enough.  They procured another one, because obviously ‘bucketing’ fuel up isn’t something that can be done for days on end.

SquareSpace tried their hardest to keep their clients’ sites running, and throughtout the whole ordeal, their was no down time.  There are a lot of companies that could take lessons in how to improve customer service, but I’m inordinately pleased with the dedication SquareSpace showed to their customers .

I was not upset with the thought that my site may have gone down, it would have been a mere inconvenience in light of what’s happened to many people on the East coast.  If you are a regular reader and have been affected by Sandy – my thoughts and prayers are with you.  If you just happened to land on this page and you’ve been affected by Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you just the same.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Material consideration was given for writing and editing this post. All opinions are my own.

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