No Green Thumb Here

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I am pretty much inept at growing things.  No matter what I’ve tried to grow in the past, if you saw it, you’d think a drought passed through.  It’s a power struggle between me and the soil, and the dirt always wins.  Of course, my husband can grow nearly anything, which is pretty much the only reason we don’t have Fake plants in our home.

I can’t even keep cut flowers alive, so it makes me wince when someone gifts me with them.  My mom has a huge role in saving me from décor disaster since she has a talent for arranging Fake flowers in such a way that they are very tasteful rather than gaudy looking.  I am sorry to say along with the green thumb, that talent skipped a generation in the gene pool.

My mom makes arranging flowers look so easy and she once took on the impossible task of teaching me to do it.  She didn’t realize the what she had agreed to.  After tearing apart a large portion of the supplies we had purchased, she realized that no matter how hard I tried, I just epically failed at it.

So at the risk of killing live and faux plants and flowers, the bottom line is I just stay away from them, and to be honest, I don’t mind.

Now make me feel better and share with me an activity or craft that you aren’t good at, or was a disaster when you tried it!

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