New Slideshow Feature From Fotor

I was given a thank you gift for sharing this information with you.

Back in summer I shared about Fotor with you.  Fotor is a fun photo editor that is available on computers, tablets and phones.

Fotor recently introduced a new feature that allows you to make a photo slideshow with your pictures. 

The online version is simple and easy to use and the slideshow creator makes you look like you’re a multimedia master.

Fotor lets you add 20 photos to the slideshow.  You can attach your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or upload from your computer to add to it.

I used Facebook for mine.  I simply chose an album that had pictures from our trip to Portugal and picked 20 photos from there.  It was easy and quick to put together.

There are a variety of themes to choose from to present your slideshow such as; vignette, piano, sliders, etc.,

After running my show through a number of the themes, I chose to create mine with the basic “classic.”  To try them all out you can just click on them in the bottom scroll bar.  It doesn’t take long at all for Fotor to process the slideshow with a new theme attached to it.  The slideshow is accompanied by music, which the viewer can turn down if they desire.  When you’re done you can share your slideshow with a link via Facebook or e-mail.  You can click the preview below to see my slideshow, it will open up in a new window. 

I think this new feature of Fotor is pretty neat, because it’s so easy I can see myself using it to put together little slideshows to share on Facebook with my family and friends.

What kind of slideshows would you create with Fotor’s new slideshow maker?

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