Bringing the Spa Home with Suave

I got together with some friends a few days ago and one of the things we were talking about was how we were all ‘tightening up the belt,’ so to speak, when it comes to finances partially due to the upcoming holidays.  We were brainstorming ways that we could save a little cash to make gift shopping not as hard on the wallet, and we agreed that we could all forfeit at least one day at the spa in order to use that cash toward holiday spending.

I have an ace in the hole though.  With Suave Professionals I can get a spa experience at home with the new Suave® Moroccan Infusion and Natural line.

Body lotion, body washes and a dry oil spray are my #SuaveSpaSecrets

Pampering myself is easy with the body washes that are infused with precious spa-inspired ingredients from Morocco and Hawaii like Argan oil and Awapuhi Ginger.  These affordable Suave offerings work as well as pricey brands that cost upward of $40.  Compare that to the cost of the Suave® Professional Moroccan Infusion Dry Body Oil which is only about $6!

After a long day, whether it’s from running around like a mad woman doing errands or attending events, spending all day in the kitchen or the days when I actually get around to exercising 😉  I deserve a spa like experience.  I don’t want to feel guilty about the expense though, and a hot shower is the perfect place to pamper myself with these great Suave products and a little indulgence at a fraction of the cost of what a spa day would actually cost me.

Media samples of products were recevied for the purpose of this post.

So, the next time you get ready to head to the spa – save some cash, pick up some Suave® Professional products from the new Moroccan and Natural Infusion line, unwind, relax and rejoice in the gorgeous, silky skin you’re going to achieve from the premium ingredients.

10 thoughts on “Bringing the Spa Home with Suave

  1. I absolutely love Suave products! I'm always running around like a mad woman, so I'll definitely be snagging a few of these for a little me time.

  2. I really love suave products. They are affordable and offer the same quality as more expensive brands. The keratin stuff is really great too!

  3. I can't always get a day at the spa (ok, I can't think of the last time I did have one), so it's wonderful we can have a similar experience at home. The Suave products sound delightful!

  4. Suave is all my mom ever bought. I would have to say their product has vastly improved over the years. I love it!

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