Superior Source Vitamins Giveaway

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Just as I was struggling with a cold that I picked up at Blissdom, I received samples of Superior Source vitamins to review.  How timely!

I try and take at the very least a multi-vitamin, but I just don’t like swallowing pills…especially when I’m sick!

So I was eager to try Superior Source Vitamins, because they are MicroLingual® – “Under the Tongue Technology” (which means they are quickly absorbed into the body under the tongue).  Something like those ‘melt-away’ fever reducer tabs you give your children.  What I didn’t realize is when you swallow supplements as pills, as much as 50% of the potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach.

So now I was armed with good doses of Vitamin B12, D3 , C and a multi-vitamin; that I didn’t have to swallow – and I was game to try them.

The Advanced B-12 (which helps with energy, heart health and mental clarity) and Extra Strength D(a supplement helping in the development and maintenance of teeth and bones) varieties are so tiny!  Here I have them shown up against a nickel so you can see just how small they are.  They may have a taste to them, but they are so small they dissolved before I had a chance to even taste anything.

The Vitamin C supplement is “tangy” just as the bottle says, and sugar free.  It tastes kind of like one of those sour gummy candies.  Not bad, just a bit unexpected the first time you have one.

I have to say I did not like the taste of the multi-vitamin.  Once it did dissolve I had to drink some water.  As much as I dislike swallowing pills, I’m pretty sure because of the taste that this is a vitamin I could not take on a daily basis.

One thing I loved seeing on the boxes of these vitamins is that they are made in the USA.  I am excited to keep using the B-12, D3 and the C supplements in my daily routine.  It’s easy to just pop them in my mouth, and let them dissolve.  

If you’re interested in seeing what these MicroLingual supplements are all about you can “LIKE” the Superior Source Vitamins Facebook page and receive two special offers.  One is a 60-Day Supply of the Advanced B-12 for only the cost of the shipping and handling of $4.95 (mrsp of $16.95) and you can get a BOGO of the 90 Day-Supply of Extra Strength Vitamin D. 

You can also connect with Superior Source on Twitter.

I was provided with samples of Superior Source Vitamins for review.

3 readers will win a set of the Vitamins listed in this review from Superior Source.

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