My 12 Seconds of Fame

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How long does it take to read a word?  Probably less than a second for those of us fluent in the language it’s written in, but for this measurement let’s just assume it’s about a second.

So with that figure, I proudly announce my 12 seconds of fame as a blogger featured in a national publication; ‘Woman’s World’.  For those of you unfamiliar with Woman’s World it’s a weekly publication with a readership of over 7 million!!  (Okay enough of the blatant bragging…)

Each week they do a feature called “You Deserve the Best” and the March 14th issue (that went on sale yesterday, and yes I picked up my copy yesterday on the way home from the dentist after I had impressions taken for an occlusal splint…I digress) was about Pretzels.

One of the people that collects information for this special feature, e-mailed  me last year and asked if I’d like to share my thoughts on a review I did for Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels.  I was delighted, and even more so when she mentioned they would list my blog.  

I couldn’t even wait until I got home from Target to check it out.  I think if anyone saw me, they thought I was nuts the way I was paging through it over my cart!  I got 12 published words……wait for them..

“I like to serve them with a bowl of soup for dinner!”

There you have it, my 12 seconds of fame. That isn’t quite what I said in my “interview” (actually wrote because it was done via e-mail) I actually said…

“They are the perfect size for adding to a bowl of soup.”

Among other things.  

I think it’s pretty cool that my name and blog were mentioned in a publication of that size.  I’ll stash away my copy and bring it out to show the grandkids that Grandma was published in a national magazine, and one of the other articles in the issue is about Hair Magic! which I desperately need (no joke, I’m quite serious!), so I’m extra glad my mention was in this particular issue.  I was just a bit disappointed that those words were the only ones they chose from what I sent in.  The other blogger they featured did due diligence to the product, I just kind of felt like I got honorable mention at the science fair, if you know what I mean…regardless it was a fun experience and neat that the review I wrote even got on their radar!

If you have any interest in the original review I wrote that came to Woman’s World’s attention you can read it here: Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels.

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