Moviehouse & Eatery’s New Menu!

Thanks to Moviehouse & Eatery for partnering with us on this post.  A dinner out and a great movie (plus a bit of branded swag) was received from M&E.  However we do visit their Flower Mound location of our own free will, eat entirely too much popcorn from their bottomless bowl and always order some freshly baked cookies when we visit them and they never have to coerce us to do any of that on our own time and dime.

Going to the movie theaters when I was a kid was a big deal… and often a big let down.  We were so amped up to go since we didn’t get to frequently, but then uncomfortable (and poorly positioned) seats, sticky floors and poor quality sound (hey I grew up in the late 70s early 80s!) left the experience kind of a disappointment.

The movie going experience has improved radically over the years.  There is plenty of competition between chains, so what makes you decide to go to one theater over another?  For me it’s that whenever I’m done I feel not just that I got my money’s worth out of an evening (and we all know movies are pretty pricey these days) but also that I walk out feeling like a valued customer.

So in light of that… let’s talk about Moviehouse & Eatery.

I was first introduced to Moviehouse & Eatery 2 years ago when they opened a location close to our home in Flower Mound, TX.  Now usually businesses pull out all the stops when they have media stopping in for a visit, and that makes sense, but it’s a location we’ve visited on our own since and we’ve always had the same great experience and dining as I had that first visit.

We really like the idea of dinner and a movie WHILE we watch the movie, which is one of the many reasons we are fans of Moviehouse & Eatery.  Their food selection is good and over the last couple of years we’ve had the chance to order quite a bit off the menu.  There’s so much more to love than just their bottomless popcorn and Icees, LOL!

Moviehouse & Eatery has worked tirelessly to create delicious, scratch-made dishes for their guest to enjoy and last week they invited some media to come and have a taste of their new Fall menu, which features improvements to some M&E signature dishes, four new tacos, three new bowls, and a  brand new brunch menu available 7 days a week.  AND we got to see Kingsman: Golden Circle to enjoy along with the menu 🙂

I have got to give a special mention to the Brussels Sprouts.  WAIT WHAT?! <– I know you said that! 😉  Yes Brussels Sprouts on a movie theater menu.  BUT OHmyGOSH these crispy brussels sprouts are tossed in a soy chile glaze with house-made bacon.  And oh so so good.

Photos by John Pesina Photography.

The other items on the starter plate we had were the new Loaded Tater Tots – which are crispy tater tots with melted cheddar cheese, house-made bacon, scallions, & chile lime crema.  My husband really like those and talking with some of the other bloggers in attendance afterward, they were a big hit with others as well.  

Photos by John Pesina Photography.

We also got to have a Fried Lollipop – which is actually a hand-breaded, French-cut chicken drummette deep fried.  This one was tossed with M&E’s version of a Buffalo sauce, but you can get them in a few different flavors.  The Fried Lollipops are a favorite of our daughter when she comes with us.

Some of the other menu items we got to partake of were the Steak Salad – a blend of field greens, cherry tomatoes & blue cheese tossed in a pickled shallot vinaigrette.  Topped with grilled steak, chimichurri, & crispy shallots.  And the Mac & Cheese – a Cavatappi pasta, tossed in a blend of American & Cheddar with a hint of New Mexican chile (but it’s not spicy), caramelized onions, crispy bacon, sweet green peas and then finished with garlic bread crumbs.  You can have it plain or with a protein, Moviehouse & Eatery served it to us with steamed lobster.  Both the Steak Salad and the Mac & Cheese have been reworked for the new Fall menu.

Photos by John Pesina Photography.

For dessert we were treated to a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie (these cookies are THE BEST, do not leave without ordering the cookie trio, you will not regret it!) and a warm, gooey brownie!

The beer, wine and mixed drink selection has a pretty decent selection. It was very fun to partake in the Sidecar cocktail featuring the Statesman by Old Forester – a Kentucky straight bourbon whisky  which was made directly to tie in to the Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie.  Mixed with Grand Marnier, some simple syrup and lemon.  I had never had a Sidecar before and now I must say it is probably a cocktail I’ll be ordering again at Moviehouse & Eatery.

Photos by John Pesina Photography.

Make sure that you check out M&E’s Happy Hour and Daily Specials which are a new offering to make the movies even better!  Guests can enjoy a different drink or snack special every day of the week.

Moviehouse & Eatery will continue to be our ‘go-to’ dinner and a movie destination (as a matter of fact we’re already looking at reserving seats online for a showing of Blade Runner 2049 for my husband’s birthday celebration).  You better believe that those Brussel Sprouts are going to be on my plate 😉

Moviehouse & Eatery has its flagship location in Austin, Texas and three locations in DFW, with a second Austin location in the works, and many more locations to come!  To find the location nearest to you visit

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