Your Guide To Planning A Community Charity Event

Planning a community charity event can be a fulfilling process for anyone who’s raising money for a good cause. A successful charity event takes more than just planning. There are many details to be analyzed and different components that need to be coordinated to ensure the event is a success.

If you’re unsure of how to plan or coordinate your community charity event, here are some pointers to guide you.

What’s The Purpose Of Your Event?

You already have an idea of what you want your charity event to be about but what’s the real purpose? Do you want to raise money? Do you want to raise awareness about a specific issue? ? Do you want to reach out to a new network?  

What about your goals? How much do you plan to raise? Who are you targeting? Does your plan include an online fundraising drive through ? Your community charity event goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Identify A Specific Target Audience

Who do you want to attend the community charity event? Is it an event where everyone is invited or are you targeting a specific group such as artists, families or local businesses? Remember that the more information you have in your hands, the better you can plan and execute.

If this is your first charity event, you will want to do some research to see what has already proven successful in organizing an event like yours in the local community. The information you get should be a source of inspiration for your event.

Get The Right Partners

It’s a fact that most successful events rely on collaboration to ensure everything runs smoothly. No matter the size of your charity event, you’ll need to coordinate different tasks that can be pretty overwhelming. You need collaboration from different parties including a team of volunteers to help you.

According to , when organizing a charity event, you also need to plan for food, drinks or snacks for participants. If you have identified a venue, you need to work closely with the venue owner to ensure everything is setup as required.

Create An Inclusive Budget

Once you have identified all vendors, sponsors and assigned tasks, you can now create a more refined budget for the entire event. Make sure to include all critical expenses that are required to hold the event. Your budget should also be inclusive of unexpected costs. What you’re targeting to achieve with your charity event should be at the core of your budget.

Develop An Effective Marketing Plan

A community charity event is only successful if invited guests show up,and the event’s goals are reached. You cannot achieve that without a marketing plan. You need to publicize your event so your target audience can be aware of it. Your message should be convincing to ensure attendance.

Make use of direct email marketing, flyer distribution, social media and even non-profit fundraising networks to raise awareness. Having an effective marketing strategy is critical in accomplishing your fundraising goals.

Communicate The Timeline Clearly

You must set a deadline for your community charity event. Before that date arrives, make sure everything else is well-planned to avoid last minute inconveniences. Make use of event planning tools to make the process easier for everyone involved.

Follow Up With Those Invited

You don’t just invite people to a charity event, achieve your target goals and move on. At least get some feedback from the participants who attended.

Don’t forget to thank all the participants, volunteers and everyone who helped. Maintaining good relations with everyone involved ensures your next event will even be better.

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