Milk Unleashed

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My first experience with shelf safe milk was in Germany.  My grandparents lived there and every few years we would spend our summer vacations with them.  Like many people in Europe, their fridge was much smaller than the fridges we have here in North America.  Shopping for meats, cheeses, fresh dairy products and produce is done more frequently, sometimes even on a daily basis.  Since there wasn’t a lot of room in the fridge to store milk for four growing grandchildren, my grandma purchased shelf safe milk to have in the cupboard so she would always have some on hand for us.

It wasn’t until decades later as a mom myself that I turned to shelf safe milk for my family.  I realized that this was a way I could ensure I’d never run out of milk, and in a worst case scenario of a power loss or emergency, we’d have milk at our disposal.

Interestingly enough I think there is a common misperception that shelf safe milk is somehow lacking compared to milk you buy refrigerated already.  If you were one of those that thought that, guess what?  Shelf safe milk is real milk, with no additives or preservatives.  It contains the calcium, vitamins A, D and B12, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin, niacin and zinc…just like the gallons in the grocers cooler section.

I find it particularly beneficial to have around so I don’t have to run to the store, you know a couple of days before you are planning a major shopping trip and you put some cereal in the bowl, go to grab the milk from the fridge…and there is none!  Well granted if the carton wasn’t already in the fridge, you won’t have cold milk for your cereal, but you won’t have to make an extra trip out just to get some either, just pop that eco-friendly Tetra Pak of milk in your fridge and a few hours later you will have cold milk!

I also like to have a carton on hand for baking and cooking, when making sauces or bread I often need milk for a recipe, and then I always know I have some to use even if the milk in the fridge is getting low.

Think how these shelf safe cartons take milk to new heights, it’s milk – unleashed!  Since it’s available in larger sizes, single servings and even flavored varieties, there is unlimited potential for where and when you can enjoy it.

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3 thoughts on “Milk Unleashed

  1. Though we don't use cow's milk, we've used shelf stable/safe rice milk for years! And yes, it's fantastic to have on hand and never run out (unless you forget to stock up). 🙂

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