KidSafe Smart Phone Cover

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The KidSafe Smart Phone Cover is great for playtime. It enables your kids to use the touchscreen on your smart phone through a protective plastic coating.

Pretty much every mom or dad has succumbed to the pleading of their young one to allow them to play a game or watch a video on their iPhone or Android device. And as it keeps jr. quiet and occupied, well mom or dad usually gives in. I mean there is a whole industry keeping programmers busy making apps for children, so enough of us do it!

It’s a rare time we live in, because I’m pretty sure when I was growing up, my parents would not have handed me a $500 device that we could drool on, smudge up and/or toss out of a shopping cart, but it is what it is and it’s the culture we live in. That being said…if we’re going to throw in the towel (or the smartphone, as it is …) with everyone else…

The KidSafe Smart Phone Cover from Veyl Products is a great way to protect your smartphone from the sticky and dare I say, grimy fingers of little ones, while still allowing you some peace of mind while you walk down the store aisles or try and carry on a conversation on your landline.

The clear vinyl panel on the front allows for the capacitive touch to still access the apps and their functions, but keeps the fruit gummy residue and escaped boogers from smudging up the actual phone screen.

The surrounding fabric of the KidSafe Smart Phone is polyester (which looks like leather), and the internal backing to it has a nice foam insulator. The opening in which you slip the phone through to the pouch is available in blue or pink.

We tried it with both a Nokia Lumia 710 and an iPhone 4S and both phones fit in with no problems.

The one thing I’d not is that this is not a protective case from a throwing standpoint. The opening to insert/take out the phone does not seal. So if the cover is turned upside down, the phone will slip out. Its main feature is what it keeps off the screen as far as young children using it goes.

I have found that it’s also great for adults to use in the kitchen or in a carry all. When baking I used it for a recipe, and I had my phone in the KidSafe cover. I didn’t have to worry about flour or sugar, oily fingers etc., getting all over the phone while I was baking. Also if you can assure that the cover will stay upright or at the very least sideways. If you don’t have an integrated pocket in a bag for your phone, and just want to throw it in a gym bag or tote, it’s a safer way to help ensure that your phone screen doesn’t get scratched up by other errant items in your bag.

The KidSafe Phone Cover is available at and retails for $12.95.

Tammy Litke, is disclosing that Veyl Products, LLC. provided her with a product sample. The opinions in this post are based on her own experiences and beliefs of this product, were not influenced by what she received and the company did not ask nor expect her to post a positive or negative review.

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